The Kind Of Girls You Marry And The Kind Of Girls You Bang

See I’m addicted to bad girls.

So when I was I dunno, under 18, a teenager, I had these two girls that had a crush on me. One was this kind of trashy looking petite blonde thing. Amy. 15 years old. Very slutty. I fucked her pretty much as often as I could, for maybe nine months I guess. She was amazing, beautiful.

Then there was this other girl. Shannon. 16. Amazing body, very smart, very funny, upper middle class family. We did have sex a few times but for whatever reason, I felt like I was “saving her for marriage.” I didn’t want to do to Shannon all the super-hot but degrading things I was doing to Amy.

You see, Shannon was the kind of girl you marry, and Amy was the kind of girl you bang.

Well I got to Amy first, of our crew at least. But eventually Amy fucked all of us. Shannon sort of wistfully brought it up once. I mean, sort of indirectly, but she essentially said, yeah, you, our friend, the third guy, you all went for Amy’s type. Shannon was our pal, we thought she was beautiful, smart and we loved hanging around with her. But we never exploited her the way we exploited Amy.

Shannon was a good girl, and Amy was a bad girl. Shannon was the Madonna, and Amy was the Whore. And since we were all “too young” to actually have children, entertaining ourselves with the Whore just seemed the logical thing to do.

What’s amazing, though, is that when Shannon “broke bad” – oh yeah, she broke bad. She eventually became a party girl herself and finally pseudo-settled down with some super studly looking criminal type. (White, of course.)

In high school she was the Good Girl, went to church, got straight As. But as soon as she graduated from college, she wanted to be the Bad Girl, and she got her wish. She got her man eventually, but not until after she had half a dozen DUIs from what I understand. She was easily one of the smartest women in the group, but wound up just bartending a few years until she started having kids.

Now, this is what women hate, especially, smart women. A man can become more masculine. Some skinny boy can work out and get big muscles. An ignorant boy can educate himself. A boy can gain some experience and toughen up – become more masculine – thus becoming a man. A boy can work hard, make some money, and “make something of himself.”

But girls? Women? They can’t do that. They start at the top – no woman is more beautiful than a fresh faced 18 year old. Women start at the top, and slowly slide to the bottom. For men, it’s almost exactly the opposite.

Well, the problem is, when women are at the top, they are at their dumbest. 18 year old girls may be pretty, but even the smart ones are dumb, because they are 18. 18 year old boys are just as dumb, it’s youth. But it’s the 18 year old girls that are the most in demand, because they are at the beginning of their reproductive life. They are cherry.

Of course, since women are “liberated” now, that means we allow 18 year old girls to make decisions “about her own body” which means she is going to fuck handsome boys and men – the same handsome boys and men that all her girlfriends are fucking.

Since birth control, we’ve had three generations of young, dumb women doling out two of the most important resources: pussy and wombs. It’s hardly surprising that they are making shortsighted, rather dumb decisions about important things, because they are young women.

Where is the older generation? Where are the parents? Don’t these fathers even want grandchildren?

Honestly, it seems odd to me, but I’m a simple guy, so, you know, I’m not going to turn down free sex from a pretty girl.

This is unfortunate, but there is a strong undercurrent of anti-natalism among some of the smartest white women. Basically, the deal is this. Bearing a child is not an accomplishment. It is, in many ways, a sort of passive thing. It’s something that happens to you, not really something you do. Any woman can bear a child – any woman, of any race, from 15 to 50, popping out babies is no great accomplishment. Most women do it at some point.

So, the best of white women, the smartest, the brightest, the most ambitious – they feel quite conflicted about this. They look down on young mothers – because all those “teenage mothers” did was lie back and get fucked by some boy, and they “got pregnant.” There was no accomplishment. In fact, once a woman starts having her babies, she is sort of “done” on the sexual market. So, a smart ambitious girl wants to distinguish herself in ways other than just popping out a kid.

But, of course, these smart, ambitious girls are just as horny as any girl, so she’s not going to be celibate or anything. She is going to take advantage of the game-changer – the medical advance that changed the nature of sex, reproduction, and was pretty much the main cause of the Sexual Revolution.

You know, birth control.

Millions of years of evolution and thousands of years of civilization created a situation where, when women had sex, they got pregnant, and had a child. That fact was the reason we had sexual morality, that we had families, that we had marriage. That was the point.

But in only 50 years time – a blink of an eye compared to evolution or civilization – reliable, scientific birth control was invented and now, those smart, ambitious women do pretty much exactly what any guy would do, when given nearly unlimited sexual choice – those gals have sex with a bunch of boys and men, on birth control, and decided to wait to have children. 50 years ago, these girls would have a bunch of kids, now, because of that technological change, women have been “liberated” from their reproductive system.

Now, all this is obvious. I’m not spilling any secrets here. It’s just a simple and factual explanation of sort of, the way things are, for white America in 2014. However, women, being deceptive by nature, will immediately start to spin this. It’s just sort of their instinct, remember the lyrics to the song: “Rule number four, gotta be looking pure Kiss him goodbye at the door and leave him wanting more-more.”

In many mammals, when the female goes into heat she displays her ovulation in some apparent way. Human females evolved to hide their ovulation. I think this is sort of the evolutionary core of women’s basic deceptiveness. Like in many species, it’s an ecological adaption that provides an evolutionary advantage. The human female is sort of like a puzzle, and this acts as a filter for superior sperm; a man’s got to be smart enough, funny enough, have a high enough status, etc., to solve the puzzle. This filters out losers.

But in the era of birth control, women use their higher cognitive functions to override their inborn, evolutionary instincts. This is not a bad thing, it’s good thing. But it does create a paradox, it makes the smartest women with the best frontal cortex breed less, while the sort of dumber women, with less frontal cortex, breed more.

But I tell you what, it’s what separates the women from the girls. Most women are truly and honestly horrified when they realize that men are the way they are. They get butthurt in the exactly same way the manosphere type men do, who complain that “women loves assholes” or whatever.

Smart, quality women, they are perfectly aware that men like ’em young and tight. They do what they need to do to keep their man on the straight and narrow. The ones that don’t, and the ones that can’t – they become middle aged divorcees bitching about misogyny etc.

Think of the stereotype of a Dixie Matriarch. 45, four kids, still looks great, not a career woman but is highly involved in a very complex social network with other wives, kids, and men – a complex social life filled with church, school, after school activities, and brunch with the ladies. In a sense, these are the type of women we should be promoting, right? Whatever game of White Nationalist Sim City we are playing, those are the type of women that most men say they want.

White America is failing miserably at selling that vision to young women – and old women are hurting, not helping, the cause. It’s because they are so narcissistic they literally can think of nothing other than “men need to do more for women.” They resent the fact that men are sexually aroused by youth – it’s a proxy for fertility – and really honest to God believe that men, society, everyone, owes them something for this great injustice.

Now, it’s actually EASY to sell this vision to young women. Bringing back a sort of soft “arranged marriage” will set the teenage girl’s little hearts a-flutter, trust me.

You see, right, girls want to choose the partner, but they don’t want to choose the dance. They just want a veto, and after that, they want the man to lead. So, if you essentially tell your daughter, starting when she’s a girl, that you will find a husband for her one day, she’ll just go along naturally because that’s the way she expects it – and it’s perfectly compatible with her nature. She wants a boy to ask her to dance, she doesn’t want to teach some boy to dance.

So, a lady friend of mine told me her favorite sexual fantasy. She’s being haggled over by two men. One man owns her, and the other guy – you know, the tall dark and handsome fantasy figure – is attempting to buy her from the other man. Essentially, a prostitution fantasy.

Well, when the guy offers $10,000 for her – that’s the part of the fantasy that gets her off. She’s so valuable, so desired, that this man will pay $10,000 for her. Notice that’s it’s a passive fantasy too, she is choosing the partner – I mean, it’s a character in her head she made up – but the dance is being chosen for her. You know, that’s just the way girls are.

Whether they are actually Marxist 1960s style feminists or not, watch out for the faction of women that want to shame teenage mothers, to “sub-shame” traditional women, and to postpone family creation for women as long as possible. They are anti-natalist, in every sense of the word, anti-life. They do NOT speak for most women though they often pretend to.

Believe me – if young white men stop being pussy beggars and demand young, virgin brides – the women will shape up. It’s sort of what they want anyway.

Now, women will naturally “slut shame.” Since sexually, men like variety, in order to keep men, women will attack rival women as “sluts” especially if they are lowering the cost of sex, so to speak. They will complain that men are shallow. The reality is, men can get sex from women pretty much whenever he wants, even just regular looking guys. Maybe he won’t be so lucky in high school, but once you’re an adult, men basically get whatever the hell they want from women.

So, the fight against men’s natural polygamy, women have a few techniques. They slut shame, they shame men for looking at younger women, and they shame rival children as “bastards.” So, before the era of sexual harassment law, if you were upper class, lower class women were generally your whores. It was sort of expected an established man would be fucking his secretary. So, those bastard children were considered lower class, the women were merely concubines, not wives. Wives – and the legitimate children of wives – had a social status above the whores and bastards.

Birth control changed all this, and “the manosphere” exists because now, regular guys that would have married the gal next door and been a father by the time he was 22, has no clue what he’s supposed to do. So, he reads about “game” and peacocks in front of girls. Sometimes it will get his laid, sometimes it won’t, but it’s not particularly different than women shaking their ass around to get men’s attention.

The core issue here is reproduction, and the core thing that changed is scientific birth control. Isn’t it obvious?

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