Take You Home And Make You Like It

So, in the story of Amy and Shannon, the “Sisterhood” sort of has a problem. If you happen to sympathize with Shannon, you’ll blame the narrator character for being into “skanks” or “sluts.” But if you sympathize with Amy, you’ll blame the narrator for being exploitative, a rapist, or even a pedophile.

The Church Ladies might say, “you all should have waited until you were married,” but the Church Ladies are actively against young marriage anyway. So all they are really saying is “no sex!” Wait until you’re “ready” – which is a decade after you hit puberty. “And no foolin’ around, no porn, no nothing!”

What the Sisterhood and the Church Ladies agree on is that girls should not marry early and not have children early, but to keep their options open. In theory, they might tell the girls to avoid sex, but they know full well they can’t enforce that, that it is unnatural, so they will forgive the girls if they do, and just assume the naughty boys pressured them into it anyway.

Please notice that it’s women, not men, who slut shame. And women slut shame their sexual rivals. While Shannon was far too sweet of a girl to be overtly hostile to Amy, she most certainly slut shamed her in subtle ways.


And I’ll never forget the wistful, vaguely sad and disappointed way Shannon mentioned that all three of us – her best guy friends – we all went for a round with “Amy’s type.” I do think on some level, she realized that we were “saving her for marriage” – like I said, later her and I dated for a while and had sex, and she very well may have with one of the other guys, but while we were white hot sexually for Amy, we treated Shannon with kid gloves. We were saving her for marriage.

For Shannon, in some ways it was a compliment, but in other ways it was an insult. I mean, what did Amy have that Shannon didn’t have? Shannon was a bit better looking, certainly smarter, way more “classy.” But again, no one was talking about marriage here – we were “too young.” Neither girl wanted to be a teenage mother – that’s “too young.” So what else was there?

Well, there was “romance” – meaning, doing sweet things for Shannon, paying for dates, maybe writing her love letters.

Or, there was hot sex, blowjobs, kinky things, dirty things – on demand orgasms – from Amy. And since Shannon wanted in on the game too, eventually from her as well – a little less enthusiastically, a little more reserved, a little less dirty – but it all ended with us ejaculating somewhere in, or on, her body – just like it did with Amy.

I mean, what do you think was going to happen?

Marriage and family formation was not an option for at least another five years – and quite possibly ten years.

But it’s important to not miss the subtlety here.

I said Amy was the Bad Girl – the Whore. And she was – for me. Not necessarily for you. You may have had to buy her dinner and give her romance. But I didn’t. I was the guy she wanted to make come, I was the guy she wanted to see writhing in pleasure and I ejaculated down her throat, on her face, on her tits.

And I said Shannon was the Good Girl – the Madonna. And she was – for me. But I remember this one time, some guy friend of hers comes over, not part of our group. And this guy? 5 inches taller than me. Way better looking, way more “alpha.” Obviously from a rich family, drove an expensive car.

And the way Shannon looked at him? Shannon looked at this guy the way Amy looked at me. While Shannon may have been my Madonna, it’s quite likely that she was his Whore. Just like “alpha” and “beta” are situational, so are “Madonna” and “Whore.” I have a feeling that Shannon didn’t mind if this guy treated her like we treated Amy. I have a feeling that Shannon would do things just as dirty – and just as quickly – for this guy as Amy did for us.

So, again, the Sisterhood and the Church Ladies have a problem here. Because it’s been 50 years since birth control, and it’s been 50 years since the Sexual Revolution, and the secret’s out.

“Gotta be looking pure, kiss him goodbye at the door, and leaving him wanting more.”

That probably worked 50 years ago.

And you’ll also notice, no one – certainly not me – is saying anything hateful about either Amy or Shannon. These were both girls that I have fond memories of, along with a little tinge of heartbreak. They were just girls, they liked sex as much as anyone, and we all did just what came naturally.

But the third wave feminists are right, and in a sense, the Liberated Sluts were right. Because Amy and Shannon were using us sexually no less than we were using them. Amy and Shannon got off on the sex just as much as we did.


And while a lot of people paid lip service to the idea of chastity, in reality the “conservative” and Christian types were just being cruel – forbidding the girls to marry and have children when that is precisely what their bodies were ready for. And the liberal types – they said, have at it, have as much sex as you want – as long as you don’t actually marry and have children. And the liberals were waiting right there to “take care” of any pregnancy if it did happen.

You have to wonder if the adults – both sides – were sadists.

It was probably easy to figure out when she was 15 that Amy wasn’t going to go to college and become a lawyer. Boys who likely weren’t going to college were steered into vocational school to learn a trade at 16. With the right social support, Amy could have become a mother at 16, and raised a few white children. But everyone – right wing, left wing, conservative, Christian, liberal, secular – were all agreed.

According to all the adults, the WORST thing that could happen to Amy would be her becoming a teenage mother. That would “ruin her life” and “ruin her future” and she would be branded a failure and a loser.

So, she became a stripper instead.

These things are easier to predict than people are letting on. Looking back on it all, I don’t think either the Church or Planned Parenthood really gave a shit about girls like Amy. And while the church ladies and the feminists read something like this and demonize me, I can almost guarantee that I’m the only one actually taking Amy’s side in this situation.

Because the women, right wing and left wing, slut shamed Amy not because she was all that different than any other girl, they slut shamed her because they were her sexual rivals.

Let that sink in for a moment.

In the guise of preventing her from becoming a “teenage mother” what they were really doing is cock-blocking guys her age – or older than her – from having her. The Christians and the church ladies did so because they didn’t want a man to sexually enjoy a girl like Amy – out of sheer jealousy – and the left wingers didn’t mind Amy being a whore, as long as she didn’t actually reproduce and have children.

Don’t believe me? Just read this article. Let what this woman is saying sink in.


For a man, age brings success, wisdom, and the Hollywood-approved wrinkles of Robert Redford. And, while I too find that my career is on the up, it doesn’t matter, because time, for a woman, is hardly as kind as it is to a man. My career successes, my triumphs as a human being, are trumped by the fact my looks — and my ovaries — have a shelf life. Biology and Sociology 101.

You get that? It goes back to point number one, in the first article.

It’s this logic that has most of my 30-something guy friends dating girls fresh out of college. Girls who, in my experience, are less impressive, less striving, less volatile, less successful, less intimidating, less questioning, less pressing, less complex, less damaged, less opinionated, less powerful, less womanly. They are less, and, to a guy not ready for anything — like most of the guys I have dated in New York — less is more.

You see, men are valuing the wrong thing. While men really value youth and beauty – a proxy for fertility – the old, aging women are upset. They sure as hell weren’t going to settle down with some BOY who hadn’t established himself in his career. So they postponed marriage and family as long as possible. But then, when the men DO finally “make it” – well, the men with options go for a young, fertile girl.

But – what about all those old women? How come men aren’t MORE attracted to them the more “mileage” they have on them?

Next installment, I have a real life story of the Church Ladies – old wenches who pretend they are for marriage and family – doing their best to STOP a marriage and a family from forming, all due to sheer sexual jealousy.


And contra everything both the right and the left were telling us – one thing we all quickly noticed, both the boys and the girls. The more *unequal* the situation, the *hotter* the sex. The higher the status of the man compared to the woman, the stronger the orgasms for both. Some study once showed that you can predict how strong a woman’s orgasm will be by the price of the bed sheets. More expensive = stronger orgasm.

In fact, “equality” in the bedroom is about the least sexy thing ever, for the girl and the boy.

This fact leads to all sorts of interesting places.

But it’s one of those hilarious things, most women feel a strong need to pretend that isn’t the case. Women will usually keep that pretense up until the second their panties hits the floor.

“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” — Henry Kissinger

teen mom

Flowers – Liz Phair

Every time I see your face
I get all wet between my legs
Every time you pass me by
I heave a sigh of pain

Every time I see your face
I think of things unpure unchaste
I want to fuck you like a dog
I’ll take you home and make you like it

Everything you ever wanted
Everything you ever thought of is
Everything I’ll do to you
I’ll fuck you and your girlfriend too

Your face reminds me of a flower
Kind of like you’re underwater
Hair’s too long and in your eyes
Your lips a perfect suck me size

You act like you’re fourteen years old
Everything you say is so
Obnoxious, funny, true and mean
I want to be your blowjob queen

You’re probably shy and introspective
That’s not part of my objective
I just want your fresh young jimmy
Cramming slamming ramming in me

Every time I see your face
I think of things unpure unchaste
I want to fuck you like a dog
I’ll take you home and make you like it

Everything you ever wanted
Everything you ever thought of is
Everything I’ll do to you
I’ll fuck you ’til your dick is blue

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