The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil, Part II: Carrie

Hipster Intelligence Agency


Actually, I couldn’t tell you the first time I met Jenny. I could tell you, however, two things random things about my adventure with Jenny. One, something that made me indescribably happy. The other, unbelievably sad. I guess it wasn’t really my first heartbreak, but it must have meant something, because I remember it like it was yesterday.

So, anyway, Jenny. You know, I guess 14 or 15. I was 15. She had long, straight, light brown hair, almost blonde. Pale skin. And pale, pale, blue eyes. Bright eyes. A cute little nose and pouty lips. She was sort of the devilish type. I met her mom a few times, this sort of serious, dour woman that didn’t seem to smile much. Not unhappy, just neutral. Jenny did sort of look like her, I mean, you could see the family resemblance.

So, for whatever reason, her…

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