You Know What? Fuck It.

I don’t need this shit anymore.

9/11 was an inside job. No one with an above room temperature IQ could watch the World Trade Center towers literally blowing up in front of their faces and think that a tank full of jet fuel – fucking kerosene – could blow it up. No one with an above room temperature IQ could think that WTC7 could just collapse on itself due to some scattered office fires.

Yet, clearly intelligent people, for whatever reason, choose to play along, or are too cowardly to admit the truth in public.

I’m glad I skipped town. Amerika is over, it’s done. Whitey ain’t gonna save it.

Don’t get me wrong – white people will survive, white people will continue to rule the world in the foreseeable future, just not the kind of white people that read this blog or any White Nationalist blog.

As George Carlin said, think about how stupid the average person is – then realize that half the people are dumber than that. Neither the Big Brains of the Alt Right and Counter Currents, nor the sometimes hilarious trolls at DailyStormer, nor the Church Ladies, are ever going to have any sort of impact on the larger scheme of things.

Rich Whites and Jews will continue doing whatever the hell they want, living in luxury, while the majority watch TV.

I’m retiring for good, to write spanking porn and raise chickens. “Hipster Racist” was a great schtick, and I enjoyed smoking pot, drinking whiskey, and trolling the internet. But it’s no fun anymore.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

You see that tiny speck on the bottom right of the picture below? That’s how much jet fuel supposedly blew up the towers – an airplane tank full.



6 thoughts on “You Know What? Fuck It.

    1. Glad to hear it.

      I’m puzzled and disappointed – Greg Johnson just yesterday once again openly lied and pretended he believes the official story.

      Greg Johnson is almost certainly smart enough to understand 9th grade physics.

      Greg Johnson has almost certainly watched the videos of the WTC 1, 2, and 7 destruction.

      Therefore, Greg Johnson is almost certainly purposefully lying when he says he believes that tiny amount of jet fuel and scattered office fires caused three skyscrapers to blow up.

      Can anyone give me another plausible explanation?

      He wouldn’t even face any personal or professional repercussions for telling the truth or even staying neutral.

      Why does he lie? It’s very disappointing because I think he’s a great writer.


  1. “Don’t get me wrong – white people will survive, white people will continue to rule the world in the foreseeable future, just not the kind of white people that read this blog or any White Nationalist blog.”

    I don’t think that Whites will continue to “Rule the world”, by 2030 China will be richer than Murka and India isn’t far behind China.

    The only reason the ZOG didn’t attacked Iran is because it knows that is going to lose a convetional war, Murka lost against the goatherders in Afghanistan!

    Also whites don’t rule the World, the System is better called as the jewish-anglo-american system.


    1. China is a paper tiger, it’s already choking on its own pollution. If we just stopped trading with it it would collapse overnight. American didn’t lose in Afghanistan. American still occupies Afghanistan. The only losses America ever suffers in Afghanistan is because they take unnecessary risks due to the need for good publicity. The fact we didn’t attack Iran shows that even the much feared Israel Lobby has its limits.

      Of the Fortune 500 CEOs, the Jews get the most press because Jews own the press. Look at the oil companies, defense contractors, and similar, you’ll find that Whitey makes up the majority of the ruling class.


  2. China on its own may be a paper tiger, but with the backing of treasonous Jews in key positions of Western governments, anything is possible. The Chinese are already buying up Western assets and have many students (spies) in Western Colleges. They also have access to key shipping ports.

    The Jews are responsible for the offshoring of Western manufacturing and Western jobs which has made China exceedingly wealthy. Many whites may be in positions of wealth and affluence, but it is the Jews who hold the leavers of power and I would not rule out them using Red China against white nations in the West, especially in relocating hordes of Chinese into White land. In fact it has already begun here in Australia!

    It’s a shame to see you quit your blog. I have enjoyed reading it, but I can understand where you’re coming from.


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