Anti-Fa Outs Hipster Racist as a Lesbian Transgender Woman

LibertyLamp said I “write like a girl.” That’s pretty misogynist if you ask me. What is wrong with writing like a girl? Is it somehow bad that a man would write like a woman? Do the anti-fascists think that men are better writers than women? Sounds, pretty, I don’t know, sexist doesn’t it?

So I wrote some nasty article about VikingBitch, and LibertyLamp – supposedly, the “anti-fa” – “anti-fascist” that “fights” “neo-Nazis” and “racists” – started making what any liberal would call homophobica, transphobic, and sexist/misogynist attacks against me.

Remember, these are the people supposedly dedicated to fighting “hate.” By, essentially, calling other people names and calling them “fags.” It seems though, that these “anti-fas” were rather do things like harass harmless bloggers like OccidentalDissent, MindWeaponsInRagnarok, and HipsterRacist, without actually mentioning, and certainly not harassing, actual “neo-Nazi” blogs like DailyStormer.

Now, isn’t that interesting? Real, actal Cartoon Neo-Nazis just go about their merry business entertaining everyone and the “anti-fas” don’t even seem to notice. But just write some normal blog about white people, and white interests, having nothing to do with any “neo” anything, and the anti-fas are going to come after your wife and kids.

So, LibertyLamp goes off on a long screed, saying that I read like a woman and am probably a lesbian. S/he/it went on to post videos like “Dude Looks Like a Lady” as, apparently, some sort of insult.

Now, what if I was a lesbian woman? Would that be a bad thing, to the “anti-fascists?”

I think it reveals the nature of the “anti-fa” – for every wanna-be thug like Darryl Jenkins that physically assaults mild mannered fedora wearers like Matt Parrott holding up some handwritten sign somewhere, we’ve got … whatever it is LibertyLamp is supposed to be.

Interesting, too, is the main commenter on LibertyLamp is “HungLikeJesus.” Its cliche at this point, anything insulting or disrespectful to Christianity is 100% good with “progressives” and the left any general, while at the same time, being respectful to Judaism and Islam give you SWPL Anti-Racist Diversity Points.

“Bash the fash” – it’s the tweedle-dee to DailyStormer’s tweedle-dumb. Red Team vs. Blue Team. They are, at best, historical re-enactment societies, complete with period costumes. DailyStormer in their Hugo Boss fetish attire (fitting into them rather poorly these days) and the Anti-fas in their Woodstock-era slogan t-shirts and Che berets. The costumes are the most historical part of their act, too, because the actual Communists and Fascists were nothing like this Clown Show.

The $PLC and Heidi Bierich and Abe Foxman all intone quite seriously, about the danger of “hate” blah blah, pretending that the DailyStormer are some sort of serious movement, not a couple of (admittedly, sometimes hysterical) trolls. Or that the Anti-fascists actually represent some sort of “grassroots” “movement” “against hate.”

You see, folks, once you swallow the Big Bullshit like 9/11, you will start swallowing all sorts of little bullshit too. It just doesn’t matter if those beheading videos are real or fake. What difference would it make? You have to act as if they are real, otherwise you’re not allowed to play the game.

So, Liberty Lamp’s little “transphobic” moment recently is just she/he/it dropping character. She laughed – like two comedians playing roles, the better one gets the lesser one to laugh first, to crack.

Then we smile at the audience through the fourth wall, and get back to the script.

P.S. Technology marches on, and we can see that we don’t need the anti-fas anymore – there’s a computer program that makes them obsolete.

11 thoughts on “Anti-Fa Outs Hipster Racist as a Lesbian Transgender Woman

  1. Many of Anglin’s posts at Daily Stormer have been hilarious lately. He has a wicked sense of humor, and neither he nor his audience care what antifas think. The commentariat there is pretty poor, though.


    1. True, it doesn’t matter what anti-fas think. But the fact of the matter is, normal people pretty much agree with the anti-fas in this case.

      As comedy, even socially relevant comedy, DS is fine by me. I laugh. They are hilarious at times and usually somewhat clever. But it’s not as if they are seriously doing anything for white interests. They certainly don’t help expose Jewish power by their “naming the Jew.”

      You know – fuck it, I’ll call them out. Denise and Mosin/White Christ guy. Over at MW, we spent years catering to these two moron’s little ego projections. Denise, wanting to “name Die Juden!” and White Christ with his Christian Zionist schtick. We all did our best to avoid offending them, in the name of “movement harmony” and the like.

      What do you know, however, basically both of them are just wankers that like to get off to their weird Jew/Nazi fantasies, and DS gives them a place to do it.

      Live and let live, I say, it takes all kinds. But why pretend either of these people are serious about anything? They are trolls too, just not as clever and funny as Anglin. In fact, they may not even be smart enough to realize that they *are* trolls.


      1. Christian Identity. DS contributor Sven Longshanks also espouses this view. I’m personally not convinced it’s wrong. It’s not a huge jump, once you accepted any other historical revisionism, into some of the more reasonable claims of Christian Identity.


      2. Anatoly Fomenko’s “Revised History” actually lends some credence to the Christianity Identity/British Israelism view.

        My personal view, however, is that obsession over various historical things doesn’t do much for us. In our era of the internet, genetic engineering, space exploration, and all the rest – who really cares about some ancient tribe of blah blah blah?

        I am not anti-Christian, not in the slightest, but let’s all be honest. If we were born in Arabia, we’d all be reading the Koran. If we were born in China, we’d be reading Confucius.


      3. “But it’s not as if they are seriously doing anything for white interests.”

        Mindweapons was the best blog, given that concern. I wish it were possible to have some internet forum for white networking, finding apprenticeships, learning trades, doing all the things MW advocated.


      4. Mindweapons was the best blog, given that concern.

        That is exactly why I started AryanSkynet, so the great community that MW started wouldn’t slowly fade away. So far, it working great.


      5. My personal view, however, is that obsession over various historical things doesn’t do much for us. In our era of the internet, genetic engineering, space exploration, and all the rest – who really cares about some ancient tribe of blah blah blah?

        Millions of deluded Evangelicals.

        Imagine the consequences for the YKWs if even 10% of their dupes became convinced that Whites are the true Israel.


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