Miley Cyrus Eyes

Pretty much the best song ever. Miley Cyrus Eyes by PoliceStateRadio.

Hipster Intelligence Agency

Did you notice Miley Virus’ hair style and devil horns during her VMA performance? Did you notice Robin Thicke joined her to sing his song, “Blurred Lines?”

Get it? Crossing the line? Blurring the line between what’s right and what’s wrong? It was the theme song for this Disney, devil-demonic dirtbag stripper butch blonde blabbermouth, Baphoment-worshipping, bottom-feeding bimbo – white trash, witches, Illuminati indoctrination of her millions of pre-teen fans into twerking. Formerly a stripper move, but now, something this Illuminati Idol of Evil just taught your ten year old daughter.

Along with the dancing teddy bears that join her on stage.

P.S. in the song, “We Can’t Stop” …

Her hair is horned pigtails
Fat tongue and cheek surprise
From Disney she was sold
She’s got Miley Cyrus Eyes
She’ll foist her music on you
Her tunes aint fit to hear twice
She’s pure Yellow snow
She got Miley…

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2 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Eyes

    1. If you didn’t laugh at least once at this song, you have no soul.

      Repeat there’s no place like home
      This beta cat is tongue tied
      She’s a mind controlled drone
      She got Miley Cyrus Eyes

      Anyone familiar with the Illuminati mythology that doesn’t laugh at that line takes themselves way, way too seriously.


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