Your Sister Gives Me Diamonds And I Give Them To Your Wife

It all makes sense now.

Remember when you people thought “Femen” was a real thing?

Femen was the “feminist activist” group that would go around showing their tittes in protest of something or other. The TV news pretended that this was a real political organization, and various spokeswimminz came on the TV to discuss how whatever something women’s rights and boobies. Conservatives would chant about crazy sluts and blogs made money from the clickbait pictures we’d click through hoping to see some titties.

Then Putin laughed, and there was a funny picture, and then the truth came out. Some wealthy businessman had hired a couple of call girls to pretend to be a political movement and stage various stunts. He’d pay their bail and lawyer fees if they got into any sort of trouble. When interviewed, the girls were pretty much exactly as you would have expected.

Now, admit it – you people – you totally bought it. You thought that these were “real radical feminists” and an actual “leftist” “movement.” You actually thought it was more than just an act, a TV show for your amusement.

Admit it. And if anyone were to have told you at the time that the whole thing was an act, a play, a publicity stunt – and that the girls were actually call girls – you wouldn’t believe it. You’d call it a “conspiracy theory.”

So, well, well, well, what do you know. I just randomly stumble across some woman posing as a “truther” who is actually being used to attack the main, most credible truth group, AE911Truth. She is brandishing apparent academic credentials in order to boost a case that is, on the face of it, absurd. Even if her credentials were fake, she’s smart enough to know she’s peddling bullshit. She seems to be somewhat associated with Dr. Judith Woods, and is doing Judith Wood’s schtick. They found thermite, so Woods went around attacking them and talking about … “energy beams” and “nukes.”

What do you know – no shit – this new woman I just discovered …

she used to turn tricks back in the day, just like Femen. I know her well. Maybe I used to drive her, or helped her with her postings. Sure, that works.

Now, I’m sure there are more than a few women that escorted their way through med school. But, do you get it? They hired these former call girls to do various “political” things, to take on various roles, to play act. In some cases, they become the face of whatever movement they are assigned too. Elizabeth Head was *THE* media star, she was *THE* go to celebrity 9/11 Family Survivor Victim. Of course, her story was completely made up, and she ran off the second her actual background was uncovered.

But you people keep falling for it, over and over again, so of course they are going to keep doing it.

So, you know, a gal took money to pretend to enjoy sex with various men, now she takes money pretending to research 9/11 and “debunk” the real truthers. She has “led” more than one “movement” as well – they recycle these actors. She has been all over the media now, for two “political movements,” and now is just getting popular in the truth community. Just like Elizabeth Head who latched onto the Jersey Girls. The characters change, and no one will remember the actors anyway.

It’s all so simple. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Well the sun rose on the courtyard and they all did hear him say
You always was a judas but I got you anyway
You may have got your silver but I swear upon my life
Your sister gave me diamonds and I gave them to your wife

Oh father please help me for I have done wrong
The man’s too big, the man’s too strong

3 thoughts on “Your Sister Gives Me Diamonds And I Give Them To Your Wife

  1. Don’t worry honey, if I figured out who you were, so will anyone else that chooses to look into your past.

    I’m assuming your name was put on the paper with those other two simply because you could put a “Dr.” in front of it. Whether the “Dr.” is real or not, doesn’t matter. You know full well you’re being paid to attack Jones and Harritt.

    I’ll tell you what though, if your biomed skills are as good as your certain other skills – we’re up against a formidable opponent here!

    Good times, good times!


    1. Get it, folks? A very charitable interpretation. Let’s allow that maybe some smart, qualified women escorted in their 20s while going to med school or otherwise getting set up in a career. Doesn’t make them any less qualified than anyone else, of course.

      So, you know, maybe some misguided political activism as a youth – you know, something you’d look back on and cringe now – plenty of media appearances that just do not look good for a professional …

      And of course, the escort thing, that’s technically illegal – and let’s say they had an arrest, or something. Well, that would really put a crimp in career prospects. In any competitive field, it’s just a mark against you, like a DUI.

      But, you know, someone comes along and give you a great opportunity, totally doesn’t care about the escort thing – hey we’re all liberated adults here – but they want you to do them a favor. These two guys, they need a third debunking this awful conspiracy theory nutjob saying horrible things about 9/11. Do us a favor here. Hell, just skim the paper, we already had it reviewed.

      We just need you to sign, and you’ll of course get fat consulting fees for it.

      Frankly, escorting is a more honorable.


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