Sex Code

1. “Blacks on blondes” porn is bought by white men. It’s a form of cuckold fetish, which has its root in sperm competition; it’s also why the “money shot” is found in porn. I hate to say it, but the cuckold fetish seems awfully strong with quite a few racist anti-black whites. Make of that what you will, the long screeds about how white women just love them some big black cock. Oh really?

2. The idea that porn inevitably leads to BDSM – that BDSM is the “final perversion” – is so silly as to be laughable. You’re scared to spank your wife, we get it, but trust me many of us aren’t. It’s the same people that see a picture of a fully clothed woman in handcuffs and think it’s “porn” – scared of their own reaction, one suspects. “Damsel in Distress” is universal human trope, and reached its height in Western art and literature.

3. All this bloviating about sex but they didn’t mention that main, number one, actual physical driver of our new Sexual Age – reliable, scientific birth control. The alt-right cannot mention this because it’s interferes with the White Knighting. Since sex no longer leads to pregnancy, you have to come up with more and more creative (and perverted) ways to “leave an impact” on a woman (and women need to feel more of an “impact” from their man, since they aren’t actually having his child anymore.) This is what leads to “perversion.”

4. You morons – white guys are not skipping going out and getting laid with real women to watch porn because porn is better – they are watching porn because women are gang-banging the same 20% of guys. When I started telling all my sex stories, I was shocked to find out that most guys say they couldn’t even get 10% of the number of women I’ve had – without even trying that hard. That means I’m in the 20%. No, not that you as a “real man” would put me in the top 20% of “real men” but as a teenager and in my 20s, the gals lined up. I thought they did that for most men. Apparently not. So again, your problem isn’t men, and it isn’t porn, it’s women. But you all are just too scared to drag those gals of the pedestals you put them on.

Trust me, women are horny little things, you would be surprised at the stuff they are into.

5. It’s all true about Jews, Jews run porn, they invented the modern porn industry. But it is not particularly different than Hollywood itself; Jews run the movie business and their attack on WASP public morality uses both porn and non-porn.

6. – that’s reality. Porn is a vice, like drinking, or smoking pot. It can be addictive. Internet porn, the constant variety, is very addictive and very damaging. But that is a quantitative, not qualitative, problem.

7. By all accounts, the most popular form of porn is exactly what you would expect – YOUNG – as in teens and 20s – sexually mature, fertile white women enthusiastically having sex. This is a surprise to no one.

8. Why is it that the supposed “traditionalists” – even the Christians – never breathe a word to young women about marrying young and having children? Even the most “conservative” supposed “family values” types go out of their way to discourage women from starting a family young, at a biologically appropriate age. Now why is that? I have a few suspicions why that is, but I have not figured it out yet.

9. What is the line between Facebook selfies in revealing outfits and cam girls? It really bothers you to realize that women LOVE being sexually objectified and being a porn star is a very common fantasy – along with being a prostitute doesn’t it?

10. Jews were able to undermine Catholic morality because of the hypocrisy baked into Catholic morality. Um, I hate to break this to you Catholics, but your “celibate priests?” Um, yeah, they’re gay. That’s why they don’t get married. And you made them your spiritual leaders, and now you wonder why a) they rape the altar boys and b) you all have a real hang up about gayness.

5 thoughts on “Sex Code

  1. I was raised Catholic but agree with you:

    – The celibacy thing is mindblogging, there is no celibacy in judaism or islam, they even speak against it.

    – The usury prohibition for Christians only empowered the jews in Europe, they controlled the finance in the Middle-Ages like they do today and the Church and local Kings protected them, the jewish expulsions only happened after the common people had enough of the exploitation. Prof. Israel Shahak book about Jewish History talk about this in detail.

    – The prohibition of marrying cousins helped to lessen the Tribalism of the different European Christians.


    1. I was raised a typical barefoot Protestant, and there was even some Christian Zionist sentiment in the churches I attended as a kid. I never understood Catholic celibacy and there was very much a Reformation-leftover anti-celibacy trend.

      However, I actually think that “non family men” – whether they are actually homosexuals, or simply a-sexual, or whatever else – can form a sort of “vanguard” culturally. I’m a big fan of James O’Meara’s idea that “gay” men should not go around marching in “Pride” parades – that whole movement was in fact, started by Jews (Harry Hay) – but should take their places as defenders of high culture.

      But the pederasty thing, eh, obviously I simply cannot get on board with that. Then again, as a guy who spent my entire life, since I was a teen, being a huge whoremonger, I’m hardly in a position to be judging people sexually.

      People make too much of it all, either way. At the end of the day, people like bumping uglies. It’s no big deal.


  2. Reblogged this on A Life Un-Lived and commented:
    “Since sex no longer leads to pregnancy, [men must invent] creative… ways to leave an impact on a woman (and women need to feel more of an “impact” from their man, since they aren’t actually having his child anymore.) This is what leads to perversion.”

    Perhaps we ought come full-circle and reintroduce the ultimate perversion in a world where good is evil and evil is good: fertile sex. “Eww! They’re making babies!”


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