I was just writing something similar to this. In the era of jet travel and the internet, nationalism tied to a piece of real estate is somewhat anachronistic. Plus, Mindweapon thankfully jettisoned all of the militia fantasy tripe with WN 2.0 and the espionage model.

My cousins are in fact, living your idea. They reclaimed grandma’s old farm in one of those towns that died when the interstate bypassed it. Now, my cousins are a bit like me, the, er, “bad boy” gene is very strong with us, so there are not being monogamously correct when it comes to their family formation. But nevertheless, they have a whole tribe of perfectly white children between them.

Some more optimism:

Aryan Skynet

There is a lot of talk about setting up a White Ethnostate a`la Harold A. Covington’s Pacific Northwest.  My problem with this is not only the execution, i.e. the loud, splashy, hot mess that was Leith, courtesy of Craig Cobb, but the idea that it would trap all White people into what amounts is a Bantustan that is marginal at best and would ultimately be eliminated by FEDGOV anyway.  The siege effect Whites are feeling today would only be intensified with the barbarians just outside the gates.

Oh, people can point to Orania all they want.  But I submit that Orania will only exist as long as the ANC thugs running South Africa permit it to.  They can wipe their asses with any Constitution allowing the Afrikaners to secure their own separate identity as a people of South Africa any time they want to.  Orania survives as long as it remains marginal…

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