Envisioning Endgame

If you are against White Nationalism, please explain why white people are the only people that have no rights. If a Black man wanted a Black Nation, you’d never complain. If a Chinese man wanted a Chinese nation, you’d have no problem. If a Jew is a Zionists and wants a Jewish Israel, you’d be all for it.

So why do you think that European people are the only people that have no rights? If race doesn’t exist – if it’s just a “social construct” – then why do you pick on Whitey as the only people not allowed to have their own nation?

Maybe it’s because you’re racist.

Aryan Skynet

Secede Sign

YouTube users’ thoughts on secession and ethnonationalism:

Murder by Media proprietor “Brad Lockstone” makes the case for a white ethnostate.

Libertarian Realist holds forth on why the time is not ripe for a white breakaway republic.

Ram Z Paul interviews Harold Covington about the rationale for the Northwest Front.

Jewish new age liberal and “conscious awakened warrior” the Love Guru rambles idiotically in reaction to the notion of ethnonationalism.

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