Jews Did 9/11

“the Boeing witnesses say flying towards the Pentagon actually flew over the Pentagon while planted bombs went off and a much smaller single-engine plane or missle (AGMs and cruise/drone) struck below.”

This is consistent with an eye witness that I spoke to in October of 2001. He told me he had several photographs of the event, that were confiscated by the FBI, although he claimed to have copies.

Dick Eastman’s theory about fake victims and fake truthers reminds me of a discovery I made just recently – that a newly prominent Truther that is attacking AE911Truth is a former call girl.

Now, who runs call girls? Organized crime. Who runs call girls in Manhattan? The Mishpucka – the Jewish mafia.

It just gets curiouser and curiouser, but it is starting to become more obvious that Israel – both the Zionist Occupied Government in Palestine – as well as the Israeli/Jewish diaspora in the USA – were the prime perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks.

Who offered the author a very lucrative job in August of 2011, just when the author began writing about 9/11 truth, and was in the process of making a video that included accounts by prominent and well known survivors of the attack? What do you know, a Jewish man with “cut out” offices in a heavily Jewish town next door to a major US military base.

There’s a new site that looks to be a remake of the well known disinfo site which mixed real 9/11 truth with discrediting falsehoods. This is also consistent with Obama administration official Cass Sunsteins “cognitive infiltration” plan.

Jews Did 9/11. Count on it. The overwhelming evidence points to kosher hands all over the event.

Thanks to the internet – and the younger generation not in the least cowed by cries of “anti-semitism” – they aren’t going to get away with it.


One thought on “Jews Did 9/11

  1. NYC is where the US media is concentrated, even more than LA, is the jews homebase.

    NYT, Post, Marvel and DC comics, FOX,.. I said this before but I saw with m own eyes how the Manhattan kikes and their shabbo goyim used their media to get the Iraq war.


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