White Minus Plenty

Who do you want to sacrifice on your altar first?

Aryan Skynet

If the goal is the 14 Words – “we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” – what are the non-goals?

Aside from MindWeapons and luminaries like Kevin MacDonald, the other poster that had perhaps the most significant impact on me intellectually went by the handle “Neo-Nietzsche.” He was once an actual Neo-Nazi, but had matured into a promoter of Nietzsche. One of the most intelligent online commenters I ever came across, he was a rabid opponent of “slave morality.” Anytime a Christian, or a conservative, would slip into slave morality he would immediately clarify the situation. One of his favorite lines was, “who do you want to sacrifice on your altar first?”


He was an implacable foe of what I would call “process-ism” and he called arguments over “form-of-government.” Many whites believe that some structural change, some change of rules, would prevent anti-whites…

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7 thoughts on “White Minus Plenty

  1. Here’s how the adversaries perverted The Way. Followers are called to be servants of the Christ, slaves of The Anointed. We were not called to be slaves to anyone else. “Turning the other cheek” is defiantly asking for more, because I’m better than you.


    1. “Turning the other cheek” is defiantly asking for more, because I’m better than you.

      I doubt you can find anyone outside of post-1970s American Evangelicalism using that interpretation. It never ceases to amaze me how so many Christians are willing to throw out two thousand years of Christian tradition for whichever modern interpretation is politically correct.

      Case in point – “Christian” Zionism.


  2. Commenting here to avoid polluting the Aryan Skynet comments.

    I’m amused that I’m coming across as an opponent of your message. Only reason I comment here or at Skynet is that I think you’re right in almost all respects. Before reading your CIA posts, I thought MK Ultra was just a Muse song.

    Wanna know what convinced me that the music industry has been evil since forever?

    I’d ask what the fuck happened to Elvis, except I know. Now I ask: Who wants to do that to a man?


    1. I don’t think Christianity is incompatible with White Nationalism. On the contrary, White/European Nationalism existed along side Christianity for centuries. But it is true that Christianity is a universalist religion, quite unlike Judaism.

      I will be honest, I have an extremely low opinion of Evangelicalism, Pentecostalism, and I despise “Christian” Zionism. I’m quite familiar with its history. I know, for a fact, that those types just make up bullshit any chance they get. Gog and Magog? When the US was fighting the Cold War, Gog and Magog was, of course, the atheist Communists. After 9/11, they all changed their tune, now Gog and Magog are Muslims, of course.

      As far as I am concerned, they are just a bunch of money grubbers. (That’s why I love that WBC video, “Your Pastor is a Whore.” – It is totally true.)

      As far as White Nationalism goes, I’m extremely tired of the moralizing. Church ladies complaining about porn, guys who have casual sex, and slutty girls. It is simply orthogonal to White Nationalism. Same with the “homophobia” – to me, it is simply irrelevant.

      There is also this rather moronic strain of White Nationalism that thinks if Jews are for something, we must somehow be against it. Jews promote porn, so we have to be against porn. Jews make racy movies, so we must be against nudity. It’s idiotic, just like if an “anti-racist” type said that since Hitler was against smoking, we should be for smoking.

      Now, all that being said, I am not saying I’m pro-porn, pro-slut, or even pro-gay. I’m just saying that bringing your particular morality into White Nationalism is a losing bet.

      I would though, go so far as to say it might be quite worthwhile, from a WN perspective, to do a sort of “judo” in the anti-whites. Gayness is a perfect example. The most anti-gay country in the world? The very black country of Jamaica. What if WN were to be pro-gay? That takes away so many of the arguments of the anti-whites. What it WN embraced feminism? That would take so much leverage away from the anti-whites.

      Plus, so many of the Church Ladies are contemptible hypocrities. A bunch of divorcees and retired sluts bitching at me for writing some spanking stories. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, etc.

      Plus, the gay bashing – it is rather homoerotic, isn’t it? I mean pictures of gay pride parades and the like – who wants to see that? Me thinks some people protest too much.


      1. “it is true that Christianity is a universalist religion”

        I now believe this idea to be an attack on Christianity. Jesus came for the lost sheep of the House of Israel, not for the canaanite “syro-phoenician” woman.


      2. This, for the jews, does seem like a way to control opposition. If you can negatively condition WNs that easily it does seem they have those Whites in-pocket. The lack of independent thought and adherence to rigid morality is what has that movement mired in quicksand…that and there are so, so many WNs that just can’t crack a fucking joke.


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