Against Liars and Idiots 1

In fact, monocausalism is the underlying reason that quite a few of these people believe in retarded theories like blaming Mossad for 9/11.

No, you fucking moron, we know that Mossad did 9/11 BECAUSE THEY WERE CAUGHT RED HANDED. Who owned the WTC? A Zionist. Who had access to the WTC? A Zionist. Who was caught red handed with foreknowledge of 9/11? Israelis. Who benefitted from 9/11? Israel.

How was the WTC destroyed? It was blown up.

How do we know it was blown up?

Because we WATCHED IT BLOW UP, either in person, or on video.

Is Chechar a liar, a troll, or an idiot? Who knows? He apparently believes – or wants us to think he believes – that we think Jews did 9/11 because we “hate Jews.” Apparently, it has never occured to him – or perhaps he wants us to believe it never occured to him – that our problem with Jews is *because* they did 9/11. We didn’t “hate Jews” therefore blamed them for 9/11.

What is the other idiotic and moronic thing Chechar says? He says the Counter Currents crowd “celebrates homosexuality” therefore is complicit in low white birthrates. One wonders if Chechar knows how babies are made?

HINT: women have babies, because they have a uterus. Is there a shortage of white sperm? Uh, no. So how is the fact that maybe, at the most, 2 or 3 percent of white men are homosexuals has anything substantive to do with low white birth rates?

Hint: it doesn’t.

The reality is, Chechar hates his parents, his parents were Christian, therefore he hates Christianity. Supposedly. But one thing Chechar lets us know, we can’t complain about AIPAC or Jewish anti-Whiteness because that would be “monocausalism” and instead we should focus on Christianity.

Hilarious, then, he hates the Counter Currents crowd because they are not obsessed with homosexuality like he is. But of course, the Counter Currents crowd ALSO opposes Christianity and hates 9/11 truth because … well, who knows? They think they will somehow gain some sort of credibility by lying about it?

Fortunately, great White men of the past and present discovered PHYSICS which is how we know that WTC 1, 2, and 7 were blown up.

One thing you will notice about Chechar and Counter Currents is that neither of them will touch PHYSICS with a ten foot pole, because they would rather talk about homos and Christians.

If it wasn’t for a certain former blogger, I’d have never even bothered with White Nationalism, because – contrary to popular belief – most of the ruling class is White. There are plenty of healthy, happy, wealthy, educated White people having White children and living perfectly happy lives. In fact, some of us even live quite comfortably, thank you very much. We don’t need White Nationalism because we already have White Internationalism – and we’re doing just fine, thank you very much.

It is simply due to the love of our people that we even bother trying to help out the dim witted whites, who apparently, aren’t smart enough to figure out a few basic things. Like, uh, say, use a credit union. Save more than you spend. Don’t eat shitty fast food. Don’t hang around with violent darkies.

It ain’t rocket science. Hell, it ain’t even 9th grade physics.

So what is your excuse?


Let’s see, next up – the Nazitards. Hitler was right about Jews being anti-European. Hitler was also right that smoking is bad for your health. So therefore … we should all become neo-Nazis, wear stupid looking uniforms and parade around in the street chanting about kikes?

I mean, Hitler was right, smoking is bad for you!

WTF is wrong with you people? It’s enough to make you think the most paranoid people are right, and most of the Hitler lovers are actually Jew trolls.

Well, well, well – what do you know. Greg Johnson all but channels my exact points I made on TOO immediately after the Brievik incident. As far as I remember, I was once of the first to point out that the Brievik manifesto was not at all pro-white, but simply anti-Muslim.

DailyStormer – ok, maybe six months ago I linked to DailyStormer and said, “if Nazi Germany had The Onion, it would probably read a lot like Daily Stormer.” However, when RamZPaul made that video about the “With Jews You Lose” guy – and how he a) looked kind of Jewish and b) is clearly acting and not serious, the Daily Stormer got all butt hurt. Um, too bad, that guy is OBVIOUSLY acting.

But I can’t stay mad at them, because the writers are pretty damn funny. Too bad about the commenters though, they clearly don’t get the joke.

OK, look, I used to be an internet troll too. From about October 1, 2001 until about 2006, 9/11 Truth was censored by just about every “serious” website, so trolling was the ONLY way to get the word out. In fact, we used to have a game – say the most moronic, idiotic thing you could (let’s coat our bullets with bacon grease to scare the Muslims into thinking they will go to hell) and see which conservatard would believe it. Success rate? 90%+.

Yes, conservatives are THAT stupid.

But, DailyStormer at least seems pro 9/11 truth, so that puts them far ahead of Chechar, Counter Currents, and about half of the purported White Nationalist blogs.

I’ve said it before, if you want a blog that is somewhat serious, and seriously pro-white, you want AryanSkynet.

Hipster Racist is for spanking porn.

I’m just about done with the “manosphere.” I thought F. Roger Devlin’s “Sexual Utopia in Power” was brilliant, a perfect explanation of how women are and how you need to not let them get away with their bullshit. Roissy is right, women love assholes. But reddit’s TheRedPill thinks they will somehow “unite” “men of all races” against the women. Uh, gaaaay!

“Maybe, maybe, it’s not the politicians who suck. Maybe something else sucks around here. Like, the public. Yeah, there’s a campaign slogan for somebody. The public sucks – fuck hope.” — George Carlin, PBUH.

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