More Proof That “Feminism” Is Just Anti-White

I lived in Manhattan for nearly a decade with six different white women. All of them were “liberals” and all of them were “feminists” to some degree, and ALL of them – all six of them – at some point admitted, sometimes grudgingly, sometimes not, that this sort of thing is a black and brown thing.

The guy that attacked my girlfriend and stole her purse? Black. When she went to the police, the black police officer said “it was a black guy, right?”

The guy that followed another girlfriend home and tried to get into the apartment building? A brown Muslim.

One of them, a white hipster girl, told me, “yeah I’m a total liberal but I know if it wasn’t for Giuliani, I wouldn’t be able to live in this neighborhood.”

So the writer Hanna Rosin (cough, cough) complains, quoting another author:

“The racial politics of the video are fucked up. Like, she didn’t walk through any white neighborhoods?”

Um, no, sweetheart, the blacks and mestizos purposefully walk through white neighborhoods so they can harass white women.

Oh, and let’s be honest here, Hanna Rosin, you Jewesses are the main people that *gentrified* Manhattan to avoid black and brown crime, like rape, murder, robbery, and non-crimes like aggressive flirting.

More proof – as if any more was needed – that the “feminism” of the likes of Hanna Rosin is strictly, and only, directed against White men – because Jewesses like Hanna Rosin are anti-white.

8 thoughts on “More Proof That “Feminism” Is Just Anti-White

  1. The story of how NYC was gentryfied and saved from the same fate of Detroit, Philadelphia and other similar cities is quite interesting.

    In the beginning of the ’90s NYC had finally its first Black Mayor, he was named Dickins or something, the City was going to Hell and in the Crown Heights neighborhood of parasitical Orthodox jews and Blacks a accident happens!

    Some fat kike overun a Black kid with his car killing it, the Kike runs and the Blacks launch a riot smashing the whole neighborhood, the Jewish Elite didn’t liked where their beloved NYC was going and the outsider Giuliani understand that he needed the backing of jews to be Mayor in Jew York and he finally got it in the 1993 elections.

    Dickins was the first and probably the last Black Mayor of Jew York City, the place its too important for the Kikes to become another Detroit or Philadelphia.


    1. OF COURSE! The Jews that run Manhattan were never going to allow darkies – blacks and browns – to take over their neighborhoods like the Jews pushed for in all the non-jew cities like in Ohio, Michigan, and the rest.

      Jews aren’t stupid.

      Goyims are, though.

      Uh, suckers!


  2. I respectfully disagree that feminism is “just” anti-white, even if racial prejudices and prides of course figure in enormously, as do all ideologies, and pyramid schemes of all sorts. Rather, in my view, feminism is the mouse that is placed among the cattle, causing a mad stampede and self-destruction. Only those cows with sufficient identification in their own ideology, faith, family, and culture avoid the mob-identification and panic but that doesn’t prevent them from being crushed by the others. In short, feminism is a population reduction scheme that benefits the cronies at the top of their various pyramids provided of course that they have sufficient countering ideologies within their immediate sphere.

    The trick to surviving all mob hysteria is a) a fortress; b) to put your money on both sides of the ideological divide; c) a diversion to draw the mob away from your fortress. Barring all those advantages, an army of brothers is its own fortress–either all wearing the same uniform or conveniently using the uniform provided at birth. This survival trick was apparently discarded with the inventions of Christianity and Islam–that is–not made available to the masses or perhaps made deliberately rhetorically inaccessible with each translation for obvious reasons.

    Rosin reveals her own motivations with every smug mincing simper. It is unfortunate that most writers today are reduced to prostitution. However, if that’s the way it is, I suppose it is inevitable that one would choose one’s pimp as he or she who one trusts, while screwing over the johns and the janes who one doesn’t. At some point, however, perhaps, Rosin might find herself in a catfight with other diverse members of her oldest profession. Should that figurative or actual moment arise, I’m betting on the bigger, meaner, and angrier whores whose math skills make them immune to her circus act, at which point, of course, she will cry, “Antisemitism!” It’s a winning routine, for certain, but not the only circus act in town.

    Something you might enjoy:


    1. respectfully disagree that feminism is “just” anti-white,

      Fair enough, but I certainly couldn’t care less about your “respectful” “disagreement” about “feminism.”

      Yes, I am sure “feminism” – like “Zionism” – is like really really important to you.

      For me? Personally? Why should I give a shit about your “feminism” or your “zionazism?”

      What are you, some sort of lesbian jewess? Couldn’t care less.

      I think Palestinian chicks suck cock better – fuck you, jewess.

      Yeah, I liked your post about “cock worship” and had, like, a two second fantasy about you sucking my cock.

      Other than that – YAWN.

      Never mind – unsubscribed.


      1. Ah. But you do care. Otherwise you wouldn’t be quite so passionate in your certainty. I am neither a Jew nor Feminist, but, I would be very careful where you stick your cock if I were you. I shall refrain from further unwelcome advice, for you are certain to use it to castrate yourself, and that would make me sad.

        Meanwhile, I am delighted that you have unsubscribed. Protecting yourself from that which poisons you is wise indeed. If in your renewed strength you eviscerate Rosin, then, I will have won. It is my hope that you will win too.


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