My Favorite Zionist

No doubt, my favorite Zionist Jew writer is Barry Chamish. He is the Jew Israeli equivalent of an American Christian Identity Militia Truther.

Of course he’s a “conspiracy theorist” and his conspiracy theories are just like ours, but reversed because it’s Jew centric. Chamish’s enemies are Israel’s Labor party – the secular establishment which are always selling out the good religious Jews and the regular old fashioned patriotic Zionists. In fact, Rabin was likely assassinated by Shin Bet because he made a secret deal with the Vatican to turn over the Holy Sites of Jerusalem to a neutral third party. Chamish even mentions the Israeli Supreme Court building, with Freemasonic influences everywhere, created by none other than the Rothschilds Family themselves. “Labor Zionism” isn’t Judaism at all, they are a bunch of Freemason devil worshipers in league with the Vatican and the Muslims, all out to get the Jews.

Chamish agrees that, of course, Larry Silverstein and the Mossad blew up the WTC, but he figures Labor Zionist Jews and their Freemason New Vatican Order bosses do the same things to Israel. Chamish’s claim to fame is writing about the conspiracy behind Rabin’s death, but you get the feeling he might think it was necessary to stop the “peace” process – “peace” always in quotes, of course.

He is pro-Brievik and said he wasn’t shedding any tears for the Norway teenagers because they were pro-Palestinian. In fact, it’s pretty amazing that the teenagers that got killed on Utoya were the forefront of Palestinian statehood, the Norway Labor party was just about to introduce Palestinian statehood at the UN, and some weird guy in a Freemason outfit murders nearly 100 of them, point blank range, while the cops stand by and do nothing. Then he puts out a manifesto about invading the Middle East to save Israel.

Now, here, this: A Jew in Sweden gives a great speech attacking multiculturalism and immigration, then a Christian jew-baits him, telling him as a member of the Swedish Christian Church he doesn’t see any Christian love for immigrants. The Christian is also seemingly the only member of the Communist party in the legislature.

No, totally a coincidence folks. Now the video is being promoted by the “counter-jihad” types. In America, they are called “neo-cons” and it’s pretty much the same old globalist anti-white pro-everyone else campaign – including, and I kid you not, if David Frum has anything to say about it, Gay Satanic Pedophiles for Israel – except for the Muslims. The Muslims, in fact, are even worse than the KKK and Hitler. In fact, David Frum back in 2005 or so actually compared the KKK, Hitler, and “traditional conservatives” like Pat Buchanan and complained that they were all anti-war, and critical of Israel. In fact, they took the side of the Muslims and didn’t even want to bomb Mecca or wrap American bullets in pig fat so the Muslims would go to hell.

So, it’s the Evil Racists, the KKK and Hitler, plus the Secret Racists, like traditional conservatives or anti-war libertarians, plus the Axis of Evil Muslims. Those are all the bad guys.

The good guys? Jews. Israel. Evangelical Christians that support Israel. Gay Satanic Pedophiles that support Israel. The military, apple pie, Jewish grandmothers, and all good people fighting for the good and true against the anti-semites, anti-Zionists, racists and homophobes.

I don’t know about you, but I’m buying it.

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Zionist

  1. David Frum was the man who gave me my first reason to suspect the Holocaust is bogus. It was back when Mel Gibson had just made The Passion, and he was getting raked over the coals because his father was a Denier. Gibson claimed that, despite what his father thought, he believed the Nazis had killed millions of Jews.

    Frum, in some NR or NRO editorial, threw a hissy fit because Gibson had refused to say 6 million. My jimmies became rustled that very day. Within weeks I was reading Arthur Butz.


    1. @Matthew

      btw, the “gay satanic pedophile” is not a joke. David Frum used to have this young “libertarian” author that once came to OccidentalDissent to tell us how we’re all a bunch of racist Nazis that hate Israel and we should get on the pro-war side.

      The guy started telling everyone how he really “respected” the ideals of the Church of Satan because it was a sort-of hard core “libertarian” thing.

      Then, he wrote an article trashing Ann Coulter so the Coulter fans stalked him online and found … I’m not making this up, I *couldn’t* make this up – he was posting in some “young gay” forum talking about how Justin Bieber was a “chilf” – not a “milf” a “chilf” – “child I’d like to fuck.” To be fair, the kid was only about 21 himself, but still, Bieber was like 15 at the time.

      OccidentalDissent was the major reason he got fired I think. But David Frum stuck with him to the end.

      So, being a satanic pedophile is fine for the Zionists, apparently. The incident really just showed how utterly far away from “conservative” these neo-cons really were. Well, that, and that you never fuck with Ann Coulter.


      1. My current operating theory is that the real rulers of the world are not the Jews, the Masons, the Jesuits, et al. but an ancient society of predatory homosexual using the aforemented groups as henchmen.

        The world is ruled by Sodomites, just not the kind you normally mean when using that word.


    1. @Hadrian

      I just read an article about the atheist President of Mexico that started a civil war over the Catholic church. He wanted to break the power of the Church in Mexico and he actually got some award from the Freemasons for doing so.

      I don’t believe in any of the Freemason conspiracy theories but they used to be very powerful. In fact, the USA itself really was started as a sort of Freemason conspiracy. George Washington is the most famous Freemason in history.


      1. There is a rivality between the Catholic Church and Freemasonry, in Brazil the Evangelical Pastors are all freemasons, some believe that in the Vatican Library there is a document about the real origins of Freemasonry and would prove that it was created by jews.

        The “Judeo-Masonic” conspiracy isn’t crackpottery, the elite Lodges in NYC, Paris, London, Los Angeles, DC must be full with jews, half-jews, mossad agents and sayanim.


      2. I wouldn’t say I “believe” it exactly, but Anatoly Fomenko’s historical theories really do have quite a bit of explanatory power when it comes to things like this. In his reconstruction, Freemasons were a leftover from the old Empire – perhaps even something like Jannisaries – fighting a battle against the new, now Christian/Catholic, Church. It also explains “British Israelism” and all sorts of other weird things about the medieval era that otherwise makes no sense at all.

        Either way, it is clear the Freemason were always friendly to Jews and were essentially a conspiracy against the Catholic church.

        Although I break with many WNs in the sense that I don’t think the Jews run everything, or that the Jews were somehow “in charge” of all anti-Catholic movements. Jews are powerful, no doubt, but come on – they are Jews. Have you met a Jew? The idea that these people run the world is bit much for me to swallow, frankly. A conspiracy of Woody Allens? Come on.


    1. Rich bankers own the government and the SEC is staffed by former banker’s lawyers who work FOR the banks, not for the people.

      I mean, this is hardly some sort of surprise. Americans deserve it, because they are stupid and cowardly.

      Oh, I read the GOP just won Congress. I’m sure they will stop a major amnesty of illegal immigrants doing cheap labor – NOT. But I’m sure we’ll read a lot about how the GOP is bravely fighting Secret Muslim Obama and banning sharia law.

      Don’t let me down, Murka!


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