Never Fuck An Anti-Fa Chick

She gave me crabs!

So I was “undercover” among a group of “Peace Activists” trying to get a piece of the action, as it were. You know, young hotties would cycle in and out of this group, all trying to “save the world.” Girls like that are easy to lay, you just smoke a joint, make some grand speech about “the struggle” or whatever, and they get all doe-eyed and sort of just roll backwards on the bed with their legs in the air.

Lefty chicks are easy. Back in the 60s, they had a slogan: “Q: What is the place of women in the movement? A: On their backs!” The New Left has a serious debate on why it was important for the women to sexually service the men so they would be happy and do good movement work. Later, the feminist contingent got upset about this, and start to “fight sexism in the movement” – and that is how the Weathermen turned into the Weather People and later the Weather Underground.

So anyway probably the hottest chick I ever fucked came from this group. Thin, blue-eyed, blonde haired, she was one of those rich girls rebelling against her Republican CEO father. (Jackpot!!!) Super hot, like model hot. I have no idea why she wanted to fuck me, but I suppose it was one of my famous speeches. I was the best looking guy in this group, apparently, and she was only involved for a few months. On her last day, right in front of the entire group of people, she said, “Hipster, here’s my number. I live right down the street from you. Call me sometime,” then gave me a smile that was such an obvious come on I actually felt a bit embarassed.

Two days later, I call her up, walk over to her house, she leads me into the bedroom, and we lay down. It’s always like that. I really never quite understood why. I g uess the main reason is that I have never really pursued women. I just sort of hang around and see which one starts flirting. I guess they were all “easy” because there was little if any build up. Just meet, flirt, and fuck. This girl, I mean she wasn’t even on my radar, I assumed she was out of my league. I mean she should have been fucking some college hockey player turned corporate lawyer, not some sleazy hipster slumming it with a bunch of lefty activists for the good drugs and easy pussy.

So there was her, Daddy’s Girl, and another, this tiny little white Latina who was maybe a day over 19. Holy god, Little Latina fucked like a porn star. I also have no clue why she wanted me in her pants so bad. I was between jobs just sort of slumming it with these activist types. We fucked for like a week, then she was gone.

Then, there was this 16 year old girl that would hang around too. I invited her over to my place and we watched a movie, but I never laid a hand on her, but oh man, if it was legal I would have, she was this totally hot little number. My roomate at the time, my best bud from school, he sees her hanging around and warns me, he’s like, “oh man you better watch out, that girl is totally hot for you. How old is she? Come on, dude.”

Now, if you think I’ve had good luck with the ladies, you should have seen my friend. Ever since like junior high, he had a haren of girls chasing after him. He didn’t ever need to chase girls, he just chose from the ones that threw themselves at him. When we lived together, when we brought some chick home, we’d show her off to ther other and as our bedrooms were next to each other, the other could hear her little squeals and moans. It was almost like a competition. We actually did share two girls, I’d fuck her mouth while he was fucking her pussy, that sort of thing. The reason we were so “successful” with women? Mostly, because we were “bad boys” and girls just rarely, if ever, impressed us as people. You know, they would do their little flirting and jiggling around, and we’d be like, “eh,” so they would try harder.

So, the anti-fa chick. There was the anti-fa contingent, most of them half-homeless losers living in some sort of “community house” that they might have been squatting. The place was a fucking pig sty. I went over there to score some weed once, and there was anti-fa chick. Great rack. She was kind of like Punkette, in that she dressed real shitty, sort of left-over punk rocker, with way, way too many earrings and a nose ring. Jet black hair, brown eyes, ultra-pale. So whatever, I’m chatting her up, she starts flirting, that sort of thing.

So I don’t know, maybe a few weeks later I run into her again at some after party. Everyone is doing molly, but I’m just sticking to weed and whiskey, my drugs of choice. She’s there, also not doing pills, so we just shoot the shit and eventually take a cab back to the anti-fa flop house. We break out a bottle of wine and some kind bud, sitting down on her shitty mattress on the floor. We keep the lights dim, thankfully, because it sort of kills how fucking disgusting and gross their house was. You know, dirty dishes on the floor, old pizza boxes, probably roaches. The back room of the house had the roof half caved in. Mangy looking dogs in the house. Her mattress was covered in cat hair. It kind of smelled.

But ah man, she felt hot as fuck naked though. Big ole’s tittes and an ass that wouldn’t quit. She had quite the bush too. She gets of top of my and just rides me for a while and I flip her over to fuck her doggy style. I don’t know, we do it a few times and fall asleep.

In the morning, good god, I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I didn’t even finish the coffee she made me. The place was a fucking pig sty. She called me a few times afterwards, but I just sort of blew her off, figuring it wasn’t worth it.

So, like a few days later, my crotch is fucking itchy as hell. I don’t think too much about it, but one day I swear I feel a fucking bite on my balls. I’m like, “what the fuck?” I see a few red bumps and all of a sudden I realize it – the fucking bitch gave me crabs! I had to shave off my pubes and rub this horrific poison on my all over my crotch for like a week.

Lesson learned. No matter how hot they are, if she’s squatting in some “anti-fa” flophouse with a bunch of homeless looking hippie dudes and too many pets – skip it. It ain’t worth it.

That warning taken into consideration, though, I don’t want my young White Nationalist boys to get scared off on fucking lefty chicks totally. Most of them are clean. It’s really easy to fuck these girls. First, realize that women don’t really do “movements.” Girls join these “movements” because they like movement guys. They like the brooding activist types, double plus points if you are also a DJ or in a band, triple points if you deal drugs on the side. So, it’s easy to “AMOG” the other lefty guys, because guys who take leftist activism serious are losers. Not just losers, but people who wear their loserness as a badge of honor. So you just show up, give some stupid little speech about “fighting racism” or “ending the war” or “fighting for the worker’s control of their own workplaces” and name drop that you read Proudhon – bam – instant pussy. Plus, they are all “sexually liberated” so they are almost certainly down for some kinky shit too.

Young White Nationalist guys, use the “espionage model.” Pretend to be a lefty and enjoy the free pussy. Just pretend you are “against racism” and infiltrate these groups. The competition is weak and there is a new crop every few months – young, hot idealistic girls from teenagers to late 20s who float in and out of these groups riding the carousel. Get as much information as you can, then report back to Hipster Intelligence Agency with your findings. Hell, I spent my late teens and early 20s fucking a long line of these chicks, from environmental types, to anti-war activists, to feminist Planned Parenthood volunteers, to the “anarchist” punk rocker.

I even triple-teamed a bi-sexual Greenpeace chick from Portland, then had her AND her girlfriend one very memorable night. Oh man, that was hot as fuck.

You see, at the rallies and events, the girls get all worked up from the drama. My assets that infiltrated the Occupy movement said it was essentially a Free Pussy Party. Hell, my ex-girlfriend admitted she went to Occupy in NYC and slutted it up. Just make sure you take them to your place, and shave them yourself so you can make sure they are clean.

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