How To Do Heteronormativity And Natalism The Right Way

Queer-bashing just makes you look mean and obsessed with gays. Just as there is a difference between pro-white and anti-black, there is a difference between promoting marriage and attacking gays.

I’m on the fence when it comes to “Commander” Rockwell, perhaps the first costume clown. I listened to his famous speech at GWU and it made a lot of sense, but associating segregation with Nazis just handed the forced-integrationists an image they would use for the next 50 years to bash white people with, not to mention disgusted Southerners who had just defeated Germany in the World Wars. Even if he was completely sincere, he did harm to the cause of white people.

A “hate bus?” Really?

“Gay” “marriage” is legal in 30 states and public support for “gay” “marriage” is at an all-time high. Thanks to, in no small part, the Westboro Baptist Church. You remember them, the folks that went to funerals with signs that said “God hates fags?” They even admitted that they knew they were helping the cause of “gay” “marriage” and said they hoped it would pass, because then God would destroy America with hurricanes and earthquakes.

Well, they certainly helped the cause of the LGBT movement. In fact, in the famous planning document from the 1980s, LGBT activists proposed an ad campaign showing “homophobic fundamentalist preachers” screaming and yelling. As if by magic, a few years later the Westboro Baptist Church appears and is given wall to wall media coverage for nearly a decade. Then, as anyone could have predicted, the LGBT movement gained massive sympathy. The fact the WBC attacked soldiers as well as gays likely even greased the wheels for gays in the military – another development the WBC said they encouraged.

In France, the opposition to “gay” “marriage” did not run lurid pictures of gay pride parades and fat guys in leather. Instead, they promoted images of healthy, normal French families, and said that children needed both a father and a mother.

White Nationalists and cultural conservatives could learn something from The Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys. Apparently, the Irish have also figured this out.

Both the French and the Irish have made this about *children* not love, or sex. But I don’t think conservatives in America are able to do that, because promoting natalism requires acknowledging a woman’s duty to bear children. But that will be met with loud complaints from the shriekosphere, and conservatives are too cowardly to stand up to their women. Thus, conservatives are in abject denial of the anti-natalism present in society, so they try to make what is really about family into something about sex.

As I mentioned in an exchange with tteclod, these days, a father would rather his 16 year old daughter have sex on birth control than to actually marry and bear a child. Let that reality sink in, consider the anti-natalist assumptions that underline that attitude. It’s coming from the men as much as the women. Daddy doesn’t want his little girl growing up and becoming a wife and mother, but he’ll look the other way when she becomes an amateur prostitute.

What a queer attitude.

6 thoughts on “How To Do Heteronormativity And Natalism The Right Way

    1. WordPress, a world wide media channel created by two white guys.

      Over 409 million people view more than 17.6 billion pages each month. Users produce about 64.8 million new posts and 60.4 million new comments each month.

      We’re doing it. The Nazitards and superstitious Catholics do us more harm than good when it comes to fighting Jewish power.


  1. Well, thanks for “The Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys”.
    Talking about WWII?
    I have to put that on lack of historical knowledge on your side: the French people fought it under equipped with obsolete weaponry while facing treason from jewish politicians (Blum, Mendel, Say, etc) AND their military hierarchy.
    Anyway, that’s another subject…

    Opposition to “le Mariage pour Tous”, gay marriage in France is not a fight against gays and lesbians (France has never been a puritan bigoted country of the anglo-saxon type where people are horrified because their president is being given a BJ by a little slut – French people don’t care what people do with their asses…as long as they do it behind closed doors and don’t advertise it).
    No, the fight is about the defense of NATURAL LAW: traditional family, children, education, because those have been the foundations of civilization for centuries.
    You got that right.


      1. Susceptibility on my part too: I didn’t like being attacked by a fellow White European, especially for the wrong reasons.

        Right: throughout its history, France fought to remain free from the influence of two Empires: the German one and the Thalassocratic one (GB and it’s successor, the US), up to the point where François 1er made an alliance with the Ottoman Empire to counterbalance the influence of it’s powerful neighbors.
        The last we saw of that resistance was with De Gaulle, and to a certain extent with Villepin’s speech at the UN when he opposed the invasion of Irak.
        Things have drastically changed and France is now the Whore riding the Beast, doing the dirty work for the Globalists (wars in Libya, Syria, center Africa, etc).


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