If It Feels Bad Do It

Libertarianism and Liberalism are both fundamentally based on the ‘do whatever makes you feel good’ so long as it isn’t ‘violent’ rot that has eaten the country’s morale from within. Liberalism paints it up like a whore and Libertarianism drugs it and commodifies it.

MidwestWerewolf – http://www.radixjournal.com/blog/2014/9/11/i-am-an-american

I’ve said it over and over again. If the New Right, the Alt-Right, the White Nationalists and related tendencies were actually serious about reversing the massive decline of white fertility, they would focus, laser-like, on the demographic that births white children: young, fertile white women.

But these people never – not one time – ever, ever, ever do that, and it’s sort of obvious why. Young, fertile white women are doing just fine, catered to by the media, the economy, the education system, both political conservatives and liberals, the Democrats and the Republicans, and have plenty of men – white or not – lined up to entertain them, one way or another.

The New Right, Alt-Right, White Nationalists and their fellow travellers have nothing to offer young, fertile white women but still need to pose as somehow serious in the struggle for white fertility.

So what do they do? Do just what establishment conservatives do about race, talk around the issue. Discuss anything and everything but that issue.

So, you’ll see the Angry Young Betas screaming “slut” if these young, fertile white women have sex with someone other than them, but the Angry Young Betas will not shame these women if they postpone motherhood. In fact, they give every indication they would be quite fine with sex, even marriage – but hold the babies as long as possible – from these young, fertile white women.

Married family men of the White Right, if they have daughters, will castigate the young whites for being nasty perverts only interested in raping their Pretty White Angels, and dress so slovenly and are so far from gentlemen they just honk the horn when they show up to take Princess out. The married fathers, of course, realize that no white man is worthy of their White Princess, so it’s off to college and later the cubicle. The last thing any decent White Right married father wants is their daughter marrying too young and missing out on the College Cock Carousel being at the financial mercy of a young white husband.

Older women (the only ones) in the White Nationalist/White Right/Alt-Right movement all agree: the problem is that White men are too interested in young, fertile white women instead of catering to over-the-hill divorcees, eldersluts, feminists second-guessing all that bra-burning nonsense, and other women like them.

That, and Jew Porn, of course.

My favorite, though, has to be the cranky old curmugeons that don’t seem to care at all about white fertility or even the family, per se. The problem is that white people might feel good. They might actually feel pleasure or even worse, be happy.

Real white men are like coal miners – dirty, covered in toxic coal dust, and dying of lung cancer. So unlike the Urban Elves of today, with their healthy diets and clean fingernails. Some of these hipsters even wear fashionable clothing! Bah, back in our day, when it snowed our mums would wrap our shoes in the plastic bags bread loaves would come in, so we didn’t have to spend money on rubber boots.

That’s the way it was and we liked it! We liked it fine!

So, White Nationalists, Alt-Righters, White Righters, and New Rightists, just remember:

1. If it feels good, don’t do it.

2. If it feels bad, complain how other people don’t want to do it.

3. Every sperm is sacred and in limited supply.

4. Don’t touch my little Princess, she’s waiting until she’s 35!

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