Christopher Bollyn 2014: Plata O Plomo 2

They only attack you when you are on to something. Christopher Bollyn gets attacked by the FBI and the police after he writes about the thermite discovered in the dust. When Steve Jones discovered thermetic material in WTC dust, a campaign against him began, eventually leading to his forced retirement.

Richard Gage becomes the main face of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and immediately he is attacked by various shills like Gordon Duff, James Fetzer, and Judith Woods – all people claiming to be “truthers” while ignoring the evidence and coming up with crazy theories.

Susan Lindauer spent a year in military prison, only escaping a forced drugging by a last minute judicial decision.

Ellen Mariani and her lawyer were declared “anti-semitic” by a Jewish judge whose son was working for the same company they were suing – a clear conflict of interest.

If there was nothing to the evidence uncovered by Jones, Harrit, Gage, and Bollyn, why the attacks? Why the police harassment?

Notice too how many people were given money – the newspaper in Shanksville, the PA coroner.

If there was nothing there, they would just ignore it. But all the evidence shows that Towers 1, 2 and 7 were destroyed in a controlled demolition and that Israeli hands were all over the attack.

Who had access to the buildings? Larry Silverstein.

Now tell me, Christopher Bollyn is just some journalist writing articles for the public. He just calls people on the phone, talks to them, and writes down what they say.

Why is the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and local police attacking him and his family just when Steven Jones discovers thermite in the WTC dust and Bollyn publishes about it? The question answers itself. If there was nothing there, there would be no reason to attack him.

Why did Steven Jones get threatened by someone with security clearances just after he wrote his paper about thermite in the dust? If it was just some bizarre conspiracy theory, why did he need to be threatened? If he didn’t discover anything of importance, why was he offered money – the proverbial silver or lead – either take a payoff, or face possible physical harm?

If there is nothing there – why all this drama, folks? Why the censorship? You would think that crazy “conspiracy theories” would just be ignored.

Yet they don’t ignore us – quite the contrary, they have spent massive resources attacking us, for 13 years now.

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