Watching The Culture of Critique In Action

The first time this blog blew up was when I wrote some sort of throwaway sociological article about reddit’s TheRedPill and TheBluePill. The left, in general, hates men’s group. They push for sex integration just as surely as they push for racial integration. So it was interesting to me that reddit’s TheRedPill – essentially a mannerbund, a men’s group dealing with “manosphere” type sentiments – attracted their own stalker forum, TheBluePill. I said this was “fractal like” because reddit itself already had a stalker forum called “ShitRedditSays” where they “mock” the racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, etc., etc., etc., of reddit in general.

ShitRedditSays and TheBluePill both claim to be “satire” but they tend to be too politically correct, too leftist, and too outraged to really be funny. Which is too bad, because the “beta” boys of TheRedPill are a wide, wide target for satire, it’s just that feminists outraged by “misogyny” don’t have a sense of humor. I mean, you know the old joke:

Q: How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: That’s not funny!

Anyway, I just discovered yet another fractal-like permutation of this. Reddit has a very good 911 Truth section which is often linked to by the “conspiracy” section. Now (in the nomenclature) /r/conspiracy is pretty uneven. In my estimation, half of it is kind of dopey Freemasons and UFO type stuff, but there is a strong element of Judeo-skepticism, 911 truth, and often some even right-wing-ish sentiments.

So it was no surprise to find out that /r/conspiracy has its own “parody” forum, /r/conspiratard. /r/conspiracy is a wide target for satire as well, and /r/conspiritard does a decent job, but as usual, the outrage limits the parody. Not surprisingly, /r/conspiratard seems chock full of our kosher friends, outraged that anyone would notice that Jews sometime actually do things in their own interests and that those interests sometimes conflict with the interests of European white people.

The nature of these “Culture of Critique” “parodies” share a certain pattern that I haven’t quite wrapped my head around. It somewhat resembles a Freud-like psychoanalysis thing – if you are a white person and a patriot, that means you want to fuck your mother. If you are a young man wanting to marry a chaste woman, it’s because you are sexually insecure and have a small penis. If you are white and oppose Jewish depredations, you are a “conspiratard” and think Jews are under your bed, etc.

Quite a bit of the humor lies in “mind reading.” If you say “blacks are violent thugs” the Culture of Critique “interprets” what you “really mean” which is of course that you are jealous of black men’s big penises, etc.

About the only thing on the left that gets parodied are the so-called Social Justice Warriors, the tumblr feminists, and the like. Half the time, like with the twitter feminist wars, they turn out to be trolls. When some troll on twitter started an “End Father’s Day” campaign, real, serious feminists took up the cause, apparently quite earnestly. So the Social Justice Warriors get parodied even by other leftists.

But that aside, it’s interesting to see which groups draw the ire of the leftists, the Culture of Critiquers. So far:

1) Reddit itself, which appears to be mostly young, white men.

2) TheRedPill, which tends to be sexual reactionaries, sometimes going all the way back to traditional sexual morality: young, virgin marriages, etc.

3) “Conspiracy theories” especially any hint that the 9/11 attacks were anything but the official story or anything at all critical of Jewish power.

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