CIA Torture Was Done To Get False Confessions About 911 #911 #CIA #Torture #RichardBlee

Shit like this is why Republicans are worthless:

ZeroHedge has a great artciel that summarizes this, but it has next to nothing new in it; this has all been known for years and years and years and years. For instance, it was reported that they reverse engineered SERE in order to use the same tactics that the Communist Chinese had used to get false confessions. We know now that virtually the entire 9/11 Commission Report was based on false confessions generated through Communist torture tactics.

Did everyone forget that the CIA brought the hijackers to the US, gave them visas, and trained them on CIA affiliated air fields? Maybe it’s time to anally force feed certain high level CIA officials that were involved in this?

Richard Blee anyone?

Now, why would they need to get false confessions about 9/11? It pretty much answers itself, doesn’t it?

I’ve said it for years, 9/11 makes a really good litmus test. It’s something anyone with half a brain could figure out, so just realize that the majority of people pushing the (completely false) Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory are not confused, or suffer from a lack of knowledge.

They are knowingly and purposefully lying.

“But Hipster, someone would have talked!”

They did talk, you moron, you just didn’t listen.

2 thoughts on “CIA Torture Was Done To Get False Confessions About 911 #911 #CIA #Torture #RichardBlee

  1. A little correction. These particular modern torture methods weren’t invented by the chinese Communists, but by the Allies.

    Although there were “Western advisors” helping to root Marxism in China and as you said; their brainwashing methods were reverse engineered to assist its Western counterpart, the modern scientific approach comes from the Allies.

    “Alleged”. Notice at the end how the main psycho explains how they were not tortured by redefining the word. Sounds familiar?

    There were one or two books written just after WWII, that detailed the tortures. Sleep deprivation, cold cells, lights on 24/7, music 24/7, false executions, signing ready made confession. Maybe they are found on JRBooksonline, but I cannot remember their names.

    Thats when they started to experimenting with modern torture methods that they are still using to get confessions for retardoid consumption.

    This was revealed in garbage media and when the next week they published something nazi retards went spitting along the old programming.

    Rudolf Höss was in british custody (pretty word) when he was given an offer to write a memoir. They say its coherency with the official version prooves its genuinity and vice versa.

    While I mentioned JRBooksonline there is very interesting book called Anti Humans about how the Soviets had little torture experiment with captured Iron Guard members. They collected psychological data and methods to be used on whole populations. It is good also to compare it to ritualized school hazings as they are connected with so called globalists.


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