Is Civilization Bad for Whites?

Is civilization good for whites?

I say, “yes.” European man, through civilization, made it to space. European man invented the internet, through modern medicine extended the human life-span significantly, conquered the earth, and otherwise invented the modern world.

For all our modern problems – and we have plenty – I think we need to look forward, not backward.

People tend to way overstate the importance of the classical Romans and Greeks. There was virtually nothing of the classical Roman and Greek culture left over after the Middle Ages except for some parchments re-discovered in the back of some monastery during the Renaissance. Whatever we inherited from the classicals it was indirectly.

London of the Middle Ages had raw sewage floating through the streets and those who survived the diseases were hardy indeed. When they went to the New World, the Indios – with their lack of an immune system due to their tranquil life of hunting berries and light warfare – just died.

The country life is romantic, to be sure, but let’s keep things in perspective.

Civilization beats primitive man, so you either civilize or you are conquered and genocided by those who do.

Aryan Skynet


Is civilization an inherent boon? “How many times have you not heard praise of ‘civilization’ and the ‘civilized’ man?” musician and racialist thinker Varg Vikernes muses at Thulean Perspective. “These city-builders and city-dwellers,” he writes, referring to the etymological origin of the concept of “civilization”, “are universally praised as the most advanced of men. But are they? But were they really?”

Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don’t Like infamy, using the genesis of Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire as his ominous point of departure, launches into a panoramic consideration of civilization in the United States:

Every time I fly, it is always the descent into the airport of my destination that leaves me overwhelmed — seeing the lights of civilization quickly become landmarks, streets, buildings, baseball diamonds, and houses upon houses helps punctuate just how small we are as individuals in the grand scheme of…

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3 thoughts on “Is Civilization Bad for Whites?

    1. I saw the stories with the ruble crashing, it’s related with OPEC keeping the price of oil low and the Saudis made some statement brushing off concerns that they were flooding the market.

      It looks like just a continuation of what has been going on pretty much forever:

      You might get a kick out of this: all of a sudden a bunch of Zionists are following me on twitter:

      It’s so weird why Zionists just *hate* 9/11 truth so much. I mean, I think Bush did it. What does that have to do with Israel, right?



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