Khazar Shmazar

This is only important to people who think that white people need some sort of historical connection to the Bible to be allowed to exist in the future.

As an intellectual exercise, I find the theories of Anatoly Fomenko to be interesting. Assume his theories are true, then figure out – what difference would it make?

OK, so Jews are actually a Turkish people from Khazaria … so what? OK, British Israelism and Christian Identity are historically plausible … so what? OK, Fomenko is right that Herodotus and Seutonious are largely mythological … so what? Most of history before the middle ages is likely inaccurate. So what?

What has changed? What difference does it make in 2015?

There are some people that have a need to “fix the past” and others that have a need to “create the future.” Which group is likely to do something actually useful?

Aryan Skynet

Khazaria map

Look Homeward, Ashkenazi.

A cherished rallying cry among the more gullible and intellectually undiscriminating white nationalists and anti-Zionists is the claim that the Jews of today are not the authentic descendants of the Israelites of the Bible. The Ashkenazim, this story goes, are actually Khazars, a Turkic people of Central Asia who are supposed to have been converted to Judaism by their king. Scholarly antecedents of the theory, which took off in the early twentieth century, can be found in nineteenth century works; but the idea that today’s Ashkenazim are actually these Khazars was popularized by anti-Zionist Jew and Christian convert Benjamin Freedman, whose 1961 speech on this subject has received tens of thousands of hits on YouTube.

Benjamin Freedman, Grand Old Man of Anti-Khazarism

Another authority frequently cited in defense of the Khazar theory is Arthur Koestler, whose 1976 book The Thirteenth Tribe attempts to furnish the…

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