Is Alfreda Frances Bikowsky a Jewess?

I looked up the name “Bikosky” in the list of Jewish surnames, and it appeared.

TheRealNews had a recent interview with Greenwald, the journalist that has been publishing Edward Snowden’s stuff. He mentioned that the intelligence services of the US and the UK consider Israel to be one of the major threats to both countries, yet, politically, America and England can’t kiss jew ass enough. They acknowledged it was about Jew moeny in politics – saying that Jews were the “ATM of American politics” – but Greenwald – being a jew himself, automatically tried to take the spotlight of of Jews so went on about Christian Zionists.

So Bikosky is one of the torturers in the CIA, she purposefully mislead Congress, and apparently still has her position. The entire “CIA Torture” scandal seems to be a proxy for 9/11. The torture was done *to get false confessions for 9/11*

That means Alfreda Fraces Bikosky was instrumental in covering up 9/11 and torturing people to get false confessions about it. If she is, in fact, a Jew, it gives us a pretty clear understanding of her motivations – to help her favorite country, Israel, and to cover up Israel and Jewish complicity in the 9/11 attacks. If she is a Jewess, it would go a long way to explaining why she tortured various Arabs and Muslims.

Jews are a security risk. Stereotypes exist for a reason – the stereotype that Jews have “dual loyalty” is accurate. Most Jews are loyal to Israel, the state and the tribe, and are hostile to the host countries. Since WWII, probably a majority of major spy scandals have been Jews selling out America, first to the USSR, then to the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine.

The CIA has a long-standing suspicion of Jewish traitors, for damn good reason.

Jews should not be given security clearances. The best way to fight terrorism is to never trust a Jew with sensitive information, as they are culturally predisposed towards treason.

6 thoughts on “Is Alfreda Frances Bikowsky a Jewess?

    1. Zero Dark Thirty – just saw the trailer.

      Some jew on twitter complained that this article had too many typos and sarcastically admitted he was perfidious.

      When the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, one of the famous pictures was that of a guard showing off his jew-tattoo, some sort of symbol of an Israeli special ops. wrote a famous article, “The Israeli Torture Template.” What also came out during Abu Ghraib was that Douglas Feith – they guy General Tommy Franks called “the stupidest fucking guy on the planet” – was reading a book “The Arab Mind” that included a chapter about Arab sexual hangups, and that may have been the origin of some of the more disgusting sort of things – forcing fathers and sons to fellate each other, raping children in front of their parents (Sy Hersh said he saw the tape of that) other such things.

      Remember when the Senate viewed various Abu Ghraib videos and pictures in I guess 2004? One of the Senators – I think it may have been Lindsey Graham – said “the American people need to understand we are talking about rape and murder here.”

      I also think this torture report is sort of a “proxy” for talking about 9/11. The purpose of the torture program was to get false confessions about 9/11. I don’t really expect much to come of this, but the timing is likely to prevent Jeb Bush from being the next President.


      1. “Some jew on twitter complained that this article had too many typos and sarcastically admitted he was perfidious.”

        Funny is that the word ‘perfidous’ comes from the Latin ‘punica fides’ which means punic faith, the Punica are the Carthaginians, they came from the Levant and spoke a Language very close to hebrew, the first jewish stereotypes appear with them.


  1. “they (Jews) are culturally predisposed towards treason” -No, they’re genetically predisposed towared loyalty to Jews. Chinese are loyal to Chinese. Mestizos are loyal to mestizos. The only people who tolerate (for now) disloyalty from their leaders are white people.

    When America was mostly white and pro-white, a white person could be loyal to it. But the notion of “loyalty” toward a multiracial empire is silly. Anyone who works for a frankenstate like what the US or France has become is a mercenary, not a patriot.

    “Jews should not be given security clearances” Correct anywhere outside of Israel. NO non-white should be given a security clearance in any white country.

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    1. Hipster used incorrect term dual loyality, when anyone with brains know jews have singular loyality to jewish nation. Not saying you’re stupid, just pointing out a little misconception. They may have dual citizenship, but only one loyality.

      Also, one should distinguish between the jewish nation / race and the jewish state. Jews called their nation Israel long before they got the state of Israel.

      Our problem is not the state of Israel, but the nation of Israel.

      I’d be interested to know in what capacity the intel used Israel or what actual terms they used? Do they think the problem with jews originates from the jewish state or from the jewish nation?

      History shows easily how jewish nation was similar problem long before the jewish state, but dumber people can be coaxed to target only the state of Israel, and not be evil racists.

      When one attacks the state of Israel the question will be; where do you want to put the jewish nation knowing their track record towards our race?

      P.S. Isn’t the jewish kid in South Park Kyle Bikowsky?

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