The Penis Police

Over at radixjournal, the poster named “wattylersrevolt” derailed the conversation to talk about his favorite subject: homos. He spent a lot of time in the comment box telling us how he was totally against homos, how he thought they were “filthy” and went into lurid details about buttsex and the like.

TMI, dude.

Of all the legitimate problems whites have with our sexual culture, how crass things have become, our declining fertility rate, hostility between men and women, divorce, etc. All that being true – how do rants about “sluts” help anything? Probably a quarter of my subscribers are “manosphere” types and (for whatever reason) I’m listed on people’s blogs as being part of the “manosphere” – but at the end of the day, I’m sure as hell not in the category of “betas” bitching that I can’t get laid. Quite the opposite, frankly.

Women – hell, even actual feminists – have some legitimate concerns with things like the pornography culture. Men – even the obnoxious “men’s rights advocates” – have some legitimate issues with things like family court and divorce.

But the proof is in the pudding, folks. Which women out there have blogs helping young women to find husbands? Which women out there are encouraging white women to have children? Which women out there are encouraging women to not divorce their husbands at the drop of the hat? Basically, none. Instead, it’s constant whining and bitching about men, porn, etc.

Where are the manosphere types helping men not just learn “game” to get laid, but actually helping young men gain the necessary talents, money, education, and the like to marry and raise a family? Where are the manosphere types mentoring young men on what it takes to keep a family together? Mostly, none. Lots of whining and bitching about “sluts” that would rather fuck sleazy hipsters – like me – rather than pathetic whining “beta” “m’ladies” – like you.

Then – really – what kind of man is obsessed with homosexuals? What kind of man seeks out pictures of gay pride parades and queers parading around in their underwear? What kind of man thinks that homos are even an issue that rates somewhere above, say, 89th of the 100 things wrong with the way things are today?

Richard Spencer’s recent interview where he was asked about this, he said essentially, “let’s stop pretending that homosexuality was invented in the 1960s.” Go throughout history, there have always been homos. These things go in cycles, you’ll have gays being open, then they will be suppressed, then they “come out” again. This particular cycle is just another in this long line of things.

I admit, I read the Daily Stormer every once in a while because it can be funny. But – the Daily Stormer is pretty much everything we don’t need. The Daily Stormer – because it’s a troll site related to the old 4chan forum /pol/ – appeals to a particular group of people – namely, young white nerdy boys that like to use the internet a lot. It can be funny, maybe even cathartic, but it’s just trolling – it’s just humor. If you were to take it too seriously, I would question your judgement.

So what does the Daily Stormer do on a regular basis? “Hey, look at this fag! Look at this slut! Perverted sex! Porno! Jews!”

What kind of people would be attracted to that sort of thing? It doesn’t take much to guess, now does it?

So their latest is – of course, you knew it would come to this eventually – something about pedophilia. There is, of course, some Grand Jew Conspiracy to legalize pedophilia. Again, it’s as if these people think that pedophilia was invented in the 1960s. Don’t people remember that Mohammad married a 9 year old? Pedophilia has always existed. It’s not new. It goes in cycles – at some point angry women get together and suppress the worst kind of men, then they go too far and things get relaxed, and the cycle repeats itself.

If people were actually interested in stopping child molestation, they would promote an open sexual culture for children, so they understand “stranger danger” and they understand that no adults should touch them “in the bathing suit area.” Frank sex education should be taught to children from day one. That, more than anything, would keep children from being victims.

But, of course, these people don’t actually give two shits about children – that’s an excuse. The reality is, they LOVE to think about pedophiles and child molestation. They *love* to look at advertisements with children in them and say, “look pedophile! They are making that child look sexy! Pervert! Jews!”

They get off on it. They love it. They love to look for aberrant sexuality and point to it, because they get off on it. They love to find perverts, homos, and other sexual aberrations and spend a lot of time thinking about them.

They don’t actually care about a healthy sexual culture – they care about projecting how totally “not gay” they are, or “not perverted” they are.

It’s idiotic, is what it is. It’s Penis Policing. I wrote a handful of spanking stories, and some people were like “it’s the Jews! You must be a Jew because you got a blowjob and wrote about it! You must be a Jew because you write sexy stories!”

Come on, you know what this is – this is church ladies getting all hot and bothered. I’ll be honest – I love love love trolling feminists on reddit. I write “rapey” stories and they buzz around like flies on shit. I hope you people realize that feminists are always talking about “rape culture” and “domestic abuse” because they *are really really turned on by rape fantasies and violent men.* Just look at some “anti-domestic violence” media sometime. It looks like 50 Shades of Grey style porn doesn’t it? Remember the recent UVA “rape story?” It was nothing but an elaborate gang-bang fantasy some young lady made up to get the attention of some boy she liked.

I think dalrock is one of the best Christian manosphere sites. From a Christian perspective, he shows how utterly hypocritical feminists are, how utterly against traditional Christian morality “modern women” have become. The sexual revolution was a women’s movement – women didn’t like the fact they were only allowed to have sex with their husbands. They wanted to take a turn gang banging the Hot But Sleazy Hipsters before they had to settle down with their boring but nice husbands. That’s why women freak the hell out about virginity – they don’t want to settle down before they get to “ride the carousel” and they will come up with all sorts of reasons why any man would avoid marrying a promiscuous women is really bad, in some way.

The difference is, no one has any problem pointing to bad behavior in men. A man cheats on his wife? We call him a cheating bastard. A woman cheats on her husband? Well, her husband must have done something bad. She wasn’t happy. He probably abused her.

White Knights are afraid to call out women on their bad behavior because they think if they never say anything bad to a woman it will get them laid. The big secret of “game” is that women actually love it when they are dragged off that pedestal and treated like the horny little things they are. The man that sees through a woman’s “shit tests” – that’s the kind of guy who gets laid like tile.

People who are obsessed with sluts, homos, and pedophiles are just that – people who are obsessed with aberrant sexuality. They are not more moral than others – quite the opposite. Remember when Pete Townshend was busted for child porn? What did he say? He was just doing it “for research.” You know, like guys read Playboy “for the articles.” Just like Ted Haggard was hanging around gay meth dealers to “tell them about Jesus.” Uh-huh. Sure thing.

Here’s my new rule. I read the Daily Stormer – if anything I write sounds anything like the Daily Stormer – I know I’m doing it wrong.

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