Christmas 1914 – Will We Heed Its REAL Message In 2014?

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas!

Aryan Skynet

A new Christmas advertisement featuring an innocuous chocolate bar by England’s Sainsbury is getting a lot of criticism from the “impartial” media.  Even though the proceeds from its sale are designated to go to The Royal British Legion (the English version of Veterans of Foreign Wars, I assume), many feel that:

Sainsbury’s has chosen the wrong moment, 100 years after the first shots were fired in the Great War, to exploit the memory of this bitter conflict in such a blatantly commercial fashion. Although the truce between the opposing sides did happen during the winter of 1914, it was frowned upon by the military leadership of both nations who wanted the slaughter to end quickly. It’s actually disputed whether the football match ever took place. 

By constructing an artificially sentimental plot of hands reaching out across the trenches at Christmas, Sainsbury’s has distorted history in the tradition of Hollywood blockbusters…

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