A Definition of White Nationalism

If they expect us to take the claims of the Savage Indian Tribes seriously – the “indigenous native Americans” – then they really can’t saying anything about the actual indigenous native Europeans wanting to preserve their homelands.

Icareview discusses Yockey … wow, I guess AryanSkynet is getting all high-brow now … watch out RadixJournal and CounterCurrents …

Aryan Skynet


Francis Parker Yockey is a somewhat problematic figure as viewed through the lens of white nationalism 2.0. He was an avowed imperialist and an admirer of the fascist leaders, whom he saw as working to realize their respective nations’ destinies to expel the non-European “Culture-disease” and renew the unity of what, before the advent of materialism, Jewish influence, and self-defeating ideology, had been the truly European world-historical manifestations of Christendom and world domination. At the distance of the half-century following his death, Yockey’s confidence in the continent’s inevitable recovery of its racial and spiritual identity and its mastery of the world seem foolishly cocksure.

Yockey remains worth reading for white nationalists today, however, and one aspect of his program retains and increases its value as the historically European regions of the world continue to go dark without resistance. He was far ahead of his time in dispensing with the internecine…

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3 thoughts on “A Definition of White Nationalism

  1. I agree. It’s nice to visit other places, in my view, and even moderate mixing by choice, but overwhelming any piece of land with people who have no idea how to care for it, or control their own birth rate, degrades all culture.

    People who insist on overbreeding out of the bounds of their geography and resources are not the best custodians of the earth. Inflicting overbreeders on any native population hurts everyone.

    That said, I’m of the view that it’s good form to make an exchange of one’s unmarriageable women with one’s neighbors from time to time. Lacking such neighbors, that’s where the “virgin sacrifice” comes in.


    1. overwhelming any piece of land with people who have no idea how to care for it, or control their own birth rate

      There’s no denying that European peoples invaded, dominated, and in many cases genocided various indigenous peoples. But European peoples never overwhelmed the environment outside of their own sphere – excepting Europe itself, and arguably perhaps North America (which I am not suggesting you implied.)

      make an exchange of one’s unmarriageable women with one’s neighbors from time to time.

      There were a few comments on Gregory Hood’s latest article on RadixJournal that suggested such a thing. Personally, I just think it’s so fringe (interbreeding) it hardly matters; sure. I had an uncle that married a part-Asian. His children and grandchildren have just merged into the California’s “brown” “Mestizos” – even though they are 0% Latino.

      I just don’t think mixed-race types matter at all.

      The only people that care about “the environment” or “earth” are basically “pure” White/European people.


      1. I don’t mean to mimic the modern environmentalist movements in my rhetoric, I’m talking about math.

        The only people who care about the environment are people who can afford to do so. As for “good intentions,” that means nothing. Results are a different matter.

        There’s a point where population overwhelms resources and suddenly “undesirables” are shipped off to The New World and Australia, where they unsurprisingly have all the incentive to commit atrocities. And they do. Then as now.

        Flooding Europe is a new game but one not likely to end well.

        I’m sure bets are being placed as to who will overwhelm whom today. One thing is for certain however, technology means that there’s no particular call for a surplus of smart people.

        I don’t find any efforts to “feed the world” food which interferes with predictable ovulation (like GMO grains on artificially-enriched soils) and thereby artificially boost the rate of sickly children worldwide to be particularly earth-friendly, but those are mostly white initiatives. “The Green Revolution,” might sound all nice and friendly but it wasn’t.

        Of course people who deliberately keep their birthrate low are easily overwhelmed by a flood of ambitious invaders. Who is causing this to happen? White people is who.


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