I wanted to say that I’ve had experience seducing 15 year old girls, but the reality is just the opposite – she seduced me. I love to mention her age – FIFTEEN – because there is just no way it sounds not exploitative. I think in our culture it’s “Sweet 16” that makes you dateable, but you’re still really supposed to wait until you are 18 to have sex. Two 17 year olds having sex with each other in California is legally speaking rape.

Of course, the FIFTEEN year old was just a few months younger than me. And – oh god this is going to sound so terrible – she had *braces.*

Wait, that’s not all. Not only did the FIFTEEN year old have BRACES, but I would often have sex with her while she was still … wait for it … wearing her SCHOOL UNIFORM.

Oh, you know the one. The tartan skirt and the blue shirt? You know how FIFTEEN year old girls are, don’t you? She would – of course – stick the bottom of the shirt through the neckline, so you could see her bellybutton peeking up just above her schoolgirl skirt.

One good thing about those uniforms, they are basically stain proof.

Ah, young love. It was the first time I truly felt like a man.


So the sex scandal – this is actually not at all new, it’s in the news every few years. There were a slew of articles out about the rich Jew paying teenage girls for sexual favors, and it was obvious he got off light because he was likely paying people off. Of course. It came out later that he held a party in the Hamptons and that some Democratic politicians attended. When Hillary was running against Obama, Vanity Fair ran a long article all but spelling it out openly and plainly that Bill Clinton was fucking teenage girls in big orgies on the private plane. They mentioned the plane was nicknamed “Air Fuck One.” The way they phrased it is typical of journalism – tell the truth by lying. They described one of the girls on the plane and said, “she was maybe 19. Maybe.”

In other words, she was 17 probably.

So I guess all that is new is that Prince Andrew took a few turns with her when she was 17. I saw the picture of Virginia Roberts – she is a “10” no doubt. I have had sex with 17 year old girls nearly as hot as her myself, but alas, that was when I was close to their age. The worst I did was a few rounds with a couple of 21 year olds a few years ago, when I was well into my 30s. What can I say?


In any case, that these men are paying to have sex with super hot teenage girls has got to be about the least surprising thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Why do you think men get rich, anyway?

I think many people were hoping this scandal was going to break open the Elite Eyes Wide Shut Pedophile Rings where they kill babies after raping them for blackmail purposes. These days, I don’t even think killing children would matter – it wouldn’t work as blackmail. Besides, the real way things are done – how the elites are really kept in line – is good old fashioned assassination. Nobody gives a fuck who is fucking who. But if you really threaten someone’s interests, you’re going to get bumped off – and it could be a suicide, a plane crash, a drug overdose, or two bullets in the head – to send a message one supposes.

Sex parties? Grow up people, you don’t even need to be rich to throw sex parties.


  1. Of the many great illusions foisted upon your average white man, the myth of female sexuality (as opposed to the truth of it) must be in the top 3. His politics, his media, and – most crucially – his churches all propagate it. His only source of salvation comes from either his own intelligence or the ever-increasing peer-to-peer reports on female behaviour.

    I say it is this deception that holds an even greater sway on the future of whites than does the classical Marxist deception on race. A true understanding of female nature is far more valuable to an individual man than the realization that race is real, initially because it provides a tool to acquire that which he most desires. In so doing, it has a tendency to lay bare the ugly truth of genetic competition, setting the groundwork for a more tribal, pragmatic view of human interaction. It reveals, through instant feedback, the fact that no amount of reason nor altruism nor esoteric iteration can influence those without the capacity to appreciate such things (women, negroes, etc). It sets a man to work at becoming more masculine in general, which often leads to the shedding of additional constraints. And most important of all, it can keep more white families together.


      1. And yet almost no one understands it. So you’re dead wrong.

        The main thrust of the female evolutionary strategy is to conceal their nature from all men. They have been tremendously successful of late, and the bodies on the floor of civilization prove it. That’s the whole point here, regardless of how special you think you are.


      2. >The main thrust of the female evolutionary strategy is to conceal their nature from all men.

        Yeah, the biological basis of that is the fact that human females have hidden ovulation. It is, in their nature. But again, that’s understandable. Women are not particularly complex creatures, in many ways, they are dead simple.

        The “manosphere” or “red pill” types that say they have been “lied to” about women are right, in a sense. But their problem is that they were dumb enough to believe the “pretty lies” as opposed to just observe what women do.


      3. I don’t know about USA, but around here I’d say most men believe in the words of feminists, believe that feminist themselves believe in them and want such things, and are truly puzzled by why feminists practice tolerance and multikulti which leads to feminists getting deprived of equality and getting stuffed with sausage.

        I just can’t understand the stupidity of people (men) who try to fight tolerants and feminists by using their words, as if the words were powered by some kind of objective non-human source according to their dictionary meaning.

        I’m propably preaching to the choir, but feminists are not bitching because of the issues they speak of, but because they can. Sure there are jews practising ethnic warfare and insane man-hating lesboes, but most feminists bitch about the fact that they are allowed to bitch about inane shit and not put to place.

        The relation of feminism and tolerance shows this very clearly, but most men are too stupid to see it and realize it.

        Academic solution to feminism is just high-IQ stupidity.


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