Wag The Dog 11 – Charlie Hebdo

So men “shouting Muslim phrases” shot a bunch of people at the satire magazine, Charlie Hebdo. So obviously, Muslim terrorists are doing it as revenge for cartoons of Mohammed from *two years ago.*

In this fabulous tale, our terrorists leave their IDs in the getaway car – what a lucky break for the police – then the young one turns himself into the police. Two other suspects – straight out of Central Casting mind you – are wanted, maybe they caught them yet, who knows.

France recently recognized a Palestinian state, Netanyahu warns of “dire consequences” and then they get Muslim terrorism. Watch as the Palestinian state get recognized by various nations – then count the days until some terrorist attack happens.

Sure, if you want to believe the narrative, go ahead. But ask yourself, who benefits? Do Muslims benefit? Are they scaring whites into not mocking their religion? Not at all, they are uniting opinion against them and making everyone double down in mocking Mohammed.

So Charlie Hebdo actually fired a writer for making a comment that might be interpreted as suggesting Jewish people tend to be well off and powerful. That is the real blasphemy. He was told to apologize to Jews, but he said he “rather cut his own balls off” – gotta respect a guy like that – so he wound up getting fired.

Suggesting that Jewish people may be a little be wealthier than average – that is a firing offense.

But blaspheming the Muslim religion, that’s just great comedy. That makes you a hero.

So, ok, what this boils down to:

1. Suggesting that Jews have power is a firing offense.

2. The most vile blasphemy against the Islamic religion -and Christianity – is great comedy and the people who engage in it are heroes.

3. The French left is the driving force behind the recognition of the human rights of Palestinians, and the French left just got a lesson.

This doesn’t come across as a bunch of pissed off religious fanatics waiting two years to exact revenge over some cartoons. This comes across to me like a professional hit. Terrorism is a tactic of war. The big players – the USA, Russia, EU – they all use terrorism as a tactic in war.

Al Qaeda, ISIS – these groups were recruited by Western powers and Western allies like Saudi Arabia. Why can’t you people get that through your head? Unless you come to terms with these basic facts, your analysis of the current wars is simply shit.

2 thoughts on “Wag The Dog 11 – Charlie Hebdo

  1. It’s disappointing to see essentially the full spectrum of the alternative rightosphere going along with the official narrative. Andrew Anglin argued that any suggestion that the Charlie Hebdo attack was a false flag was goofy Jewish-directed Sandy Hook “crisis actor” disinfo. Somebody told me Kevin MacDonald was deleting comments about a Paris false flag at the Occidental Observer. The Dark Enlightenment types, judging from what I’ve seen on Twitter, are content to sound off like a bunch of irreverent junior neocons. Even Incog Man, who can usually be relied upon to call any and every event a Jewish conspiracy, didn’t call foul on this particular job. To his credit, though, he did at least point out that it plays into the hands of the Zionists to get the goyim riled up about the Muslims again.

    The irony and the silver lining, if there is one, though, with the Charlie Hebdo attacks is that it arguably benefits the European right even more than it does the Jews by stoking nationalist sentiments like the recent displays in Germany. This has caused a few buffoons (at the Times of Pol, for instance) to blame European nationalists of pulling a staged event.

    On a couple of sites where I posted links to speculations about a potential Mossad/western intelligence false flag, I got the expected dismissive responses including the old standby reply of making fun of me for blaming everything on the “jooooooooos”, which has to be most annoying meme ever. Do you have any idea where that started? Is there some cartoon character who says this? Never once have I heard an anti-Semite or an anti-Zionist say “jooooooooos”, and yet this seems to be the hip reply among the mainstream conservative and lightweight alt-right pseudo-cognoscenti online. Must be a Glenn Beck thing.


    1. Think it being said by a jew and look at the dynamics from above.

      It’s an annoying psychological trick kikes use and their cock sucking fanboys copied. It’s countering the opposition by setting up an overblown caricature of him before they even say anything and also putting onesself as a martyr. The obvious masochistic and annoying streak in it should tell you it is a jewish tactic.

      One site that it’s prevalent is MilitaryPhotos.net. Look at some threads involving jews or muslims. Militarywankers are very well trained little poodles. I recommend to view a couple threads about Iran to get a feel of this thing.

      Also take note of their general college porn wanker and gamer worldview.

      AR15.com (general discussion) is on the same page. Both should be browsed to get their mentality.


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