Religion Is Not Enough

The critics of White Nationalism have a point. When White people were/are united, we pretty much run the earth. Europe and the White diaspora – there’s nothing on earth even close to it. White Supremacy is one of those basic and obvious facts that sometimes whites not in the ruling class might miss.

You’ve got China and Japan as distant also-rans, but as far as civilizations go, it’s Europe and the European diaspora and everyone else barely matters.

The non-whites are used as footsoldiers for various white factions. All the real issues are between white people.

All these traits reflect the nature of early Aryan warcraft – the single combat of individual champions, the unwritten and commonly understood rules of conflict, and acceptance of the terms of defeat have deep roots in the ways Aryans waged war. The comparative absence of needless brutality in Western warfare, until the advent of 20th-century democracy, may be thought to derive from Christian ethics, but long before Christianity pagan conquerors such as Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar showed far less brutality in their warfare than such paladins of non-Aryan combat as Tamerlane, Genghis Khan, the Assyrians, the Huns, or even the ancient Hebrews, for whom genocide was a regular practice.

The Great War brought the mechanization of warfare, making it efficient and removing “honor” or “glory” in combat, if there really ever was any. You want to consider white superiority, realize that we have nerdy white boys with glasses pushing buttons in a video game that actually triggers various drone bombings half way around the world. Then, he sips on a coke and eats potato chips. It’s Ender’s Game come to life.

Even the “big issue” – mass non-white immigration into every white country – if whites ever decide to stop it, we will. It’s merely a political and logistics problem.

Aryan Skynet

Jesus Christ Social Justice Warrior Star Jesus Christ SJW Star

That white identitarianism as a worldview and as a cultural-political framework – formerly so generally understood and accepted as not to require argument and articulation – has during the past century been so ghettoized and so vilified as to be perceived and abhorred as a sin in the civic religion of the West, is of course common knowledge. Where consensus is lacking among white nationalists is in the matter of how, precisely, this disarray came about, and what might be done to unite the race.

For Francis Parker Yockey, a racially, geographically, and culturally exclusive Christianity was the key to a European unification. “The first political expression of Europe,” he writes, “was in the Crusades, in which Europe was a power-unit, acting against the outer world in unitary self-assertion of its new-born soul.”1 Yockey further delineates what was called Christendom:

From its very birth-cry in…

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