Wag The Dog 12

Shooters were radicalized in Europe, sent to Syria, returned, have been previously arrested by Western security agencies for terrorism and long on the watch-list of French and other Western intelligence agencies. Yet “somehow” they still managed to execute a highly organized attack in the heart of Europe.

In an all too familiar pattern and as predicted, the shooters involved in the attack in Paris Wednesday, January 7, 2015, were French citizens, radicalized in Europe and exported to Syria to fight in NATO’s proxy war against the government in Damascus, then brought back where they have now carried out a domestic attack. Additionally, as have been many other domestic attacks, the suspects were long under the watch of Western intelligence services, with at least one suspect having already been arrested on terrorism charges.

The implications of yet another case of Western-radicalized terrorists, first exported to fight NATO’s proxy war in Syria, then imported and well-known to Western intelligence agencies, being able to carry out a highly organized, well-executed attack, is that the attack itself was sanctioned and engineered by Western intelligence agencies themselves,. This mirrors almost verbatim the type of operations NATO intelligence carried out during the Cold War with similar networks of radicalized militants used both as foreign mercenaries and domestic provocateurs. Toward the end of the Cold War, one of these militant groups was literally Al Qaeda – a proxy mercenary front armed, funded, and employed by the West to this very day.


Classic Gladio style operation. In the 1970s it would have been “communists,” in the 1980s it would have been “ultra-nationalists” these days it’s “radical Muslims.”

NATO – the US, the EU, etc., – they are the ones that recruited, armed, trained, and funded “Al Qaeda” which at the time were called “Mujahadeen.” This is not a “conspiracy theory” this is pretty well acknowledged in the mainstream media.

The French parliament – French democracy – has been getting uppity lately, voting to recognize Palestine, voting to end sanctions on Russia, etc.

This is how you manage democracy.

Who benefits? NATO, America, Israel, the neo-cons of France. Who loses? Palestinians, Muslims, Russia, French democracy.

As for Identitarians, the French right, far too many White Nationalists – they couldn’t care less what actually happened. They are simply glad that the target was the left and the attacks are being blame on “radical Islam” because they hope this will turn sentiment against mass immigration.

But that is because most writers considered Identitarian, the new right, White Nationalists, completely misunderstand the nature of “Al Qaeda” and “radical Islam” in general. This is a cognitive failure on their part. When NATO decides to clamp down on the Identitarians, we’ll just have more Brievik style attacks, false flags under the rubric of “the far right” or “racist Nazis” and “ultra-nationalism.”

Remember, these are people who claim to believe two airplanes can cause three massive skyscrapers to demolish themselves. For many of them, truth is a pragmatic thing.

What they fail to understand – what they are actually too fearful to believe – is that the “powers that be” – NATO, the military, the state – use foreign Muslims and foreign populations *against their own citizens* as a way to manage them.

This is Imperialism 101.

4 thoughts on “Wag The Dog 12

  1. Fun fact: the French Defense Minister just said that “ISIL must be destroyed” and is pressuring the French government to escalate the attacks in Syria.

    The French public was opposed to the war, now, in the wake of the terrorist attack, even the left is coming around. How convenient for the pro-war side. The terrorist attack may as well have been custom made.


  2. I notice your take on Hebdo here is different than in the post you just made at Skynet, in which you give the impression of distancing yourself from the notion of false flags – or at least evince some aversion to jumping to that conclusion. Are you planning not to carry your “Wag the Dog” type of posts over to Skynet? Also, can we expect further installments of “The Espionage Model”?


    1. The difference between a “false flag” and a “true flag” is pretty thin these days. If lone wolf ISIS sympathizers did it, considering that ISIS was basically recruited by the West, is that a false flag or a true flag?

      Sibel Edmonds said that “Gladio B” was using radical Sunnis. In the past they used “ultra-nationalists/neo-Nazis” and “communists.” They are all mercenaries. Sure, some of the footsoldiers may be doing it for Allah, but the top Arabs are doing it for money and power – just like everyone else.

      I have a pretty good one for Espionage Model II but I’m barely online these days. Soon, maybe next week.


  3. After watching several videos of these ISILs in Iraq and Syria shooting automatic fire from the hip, pointing their guns above a wall and emptying their magazines to the air and constantly yelling allahu akbar, then these two guys steadfastly walking towards their target and shooting singular targeted shots looks a little non-ragheadish.

    Not a hard evidence, but they stick out.

    They’d be worth their weight in gold in the ISIL Training Departments.

    Also, it was not very hard to see how the previous attacks in France and the one in Denmark just happened to create a trend of showing jews as victims and give fresh material after the ridiculous holocaust-stories are starting to get old even among the most tunnel visioned slaves of the media.


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