Fear of Commitment or Love of Shekels? Matt Forney’s Awkward Dance with Race

“Ladies Man” and Manosphere hero Matt Forney – come on, just look at him. Ladies are lining up, I’m sure *snicker*

Aryan Skynet

Matt Forney Matt Forney

For the uninitiated, one of the preeminent men-o’-war of the manosphere is a talented young fellow named Matt Forney. Witty, energetic, and remarkably well-read, Forney is an intermittently fantastic writer and hosts one of the internet’s most diverting podcasts. His enemies know him as a troll, and he is famous for his studiedly insulting prose. However, in addition to offending feminists for a living, Forney has also been accused – for instance, by Miss Andry at Hail to the Gynocracy! – of “shilling for the racist right.

Miss Andry’s accusation is based on the fact that Forney wrote a favorable review of Jared Taylor’s latest book, Face to Face with Race. “Let’s just be honest: everyone hates blacks,” Forney nonchalantly shocks in his endorsement of the book, before going on to compare lazy, welfare-dependent blacks to bloodsucking parasites.

“I think race is going…

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