9/11 Truth At The Occidental Observer

Nick Griffin’s hilarious “Obama’s State of the Union Address (Edited and Abridged)”


Nearly fifteen years covering up the truth about how 9/11 gave your real rulers the excuse to drag a new generation of poor young kids and middle-class taxpayers into fighting two long and costly wars;

OK, it’s just a hint, he’s pulling his punches. But eventually he can’t help himself.

And if anyone believes that, I’ve got the rubble of a third tower to sell them as a real estate investment.

You only bring up WTC7 if you’re talking controlled demolition.

Kevin MacDonald has always been “not anti-9/11 truth” unlike Greg Johnson and especially Chechar Tort at WestsDarkestHour. Both have consistently taken pot-shots at 9/11 Truthers, and the fact that both are clearly intelligent and clearly familiar with the evidence means it’s not a mistake nor is it ignorance.

It’s lying.

Speculations on why they are lying is an exercise left to the reader.

4 thoughts on “9/11 Truth At The Occidental Observer

  1. It has been more than a decade since 9/11 happened, do you really think the truth will ever come out?

    TPTB will probably accuse Saudi Arabia of involvement after their stop being useful for America.


      1. But what is the “truth”? Like you have been saying, they will go after Saudi Arabia after if they stop serving American-israeli interests, the NYT is pushing the Saudi angle of 9/11 recently.


  2. Watch out for revelation of Putins role in the 911 and Al Qaeda.

    I’ve already seen signs of it. Not sure if it was deliberate project from the intel guys or just retards accidentally converging two different enemy narratives in their foggy brains.


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