A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

LOL. Cly delivers a swift kick to the groin of “conservative” Republicans.

I really don’t understand why white interests are necessarily “right wing” anyway? What is all this talk of a “New Right” or “alternative right?” Why “right wing?” Do the terms left and right really have any substantial political meaning these days?

The Republican party supports imperialism and global capitalism. Both of those things are major causes of multi-culturalism, mass immigration, and globalization. How are they in the interests of white people anyway?

If you run an Empire, by definition, you are ruling over multiple cultures and peoples. If you are running an international business, you are obviously going to be seeking customers of different races and different cultures. Of course. How could it be otherwise?

It’s not that the Democrats are any better, of course, but the Republican party is anti-white. It always has been. It is the “party of Lincoln” after all.

It makes more sense for pro-Whites to be a swing vote, that way, each party has to work to get our votes. If all Whites vote Republican, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will have to cater to Whites, in fact, they will be in competition to get the votes of non-Whites. Isn’t this obvious?

Aryan Skynet


 Yes, it is better to go with a White candidate that looks like you than a Person of Color, but it is more important for Pro-Whites to gauge whether that White candidate “walks the walk” than just pick the most “conservative” sounding White guy.

Let’s face it, in this day and age, we all find ourselves having to mouth politically correct or expedient platitudes to either get and/or keep the job and preserve our social status.

Politicians are no different.  Indeed, politicians are even tasked with finding the most creative way to “dog whistle” to their constituents without either getting busted by a hyper-vigilant political watchdog group or blasted for breaking an implied promise.

So, words mean nothing, but actions mean everything.

Before pulling that lever, the Pro-White needs to do all diligence and take a closer look at his family composition to determine whether or not he…

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