Open Invitation to Mr. Rational & Tteclod

Mr. Rational and Tteclod are two semi-professional 9/11 Liars. They may even be the same poster, but maybe not.

Mr. Rational showed up on MWIR just about the time I start posting about 9/11, and tried to get my banned. Tteclod sort of started buttering me up, reblogging my posts, then tried to get me to back down from various 9/11 things.

Neo Reaction in the Diamond Age – a “former” professional Republican party hack, had a sort of similar thing. He tried to play off my 9/11 truth stuff as sort of just an intellectual exercise, not to be taken too seriously.

All three of these people are clearly intelligent, somewhat familiar with the evidence, therefore they are lying, not merely uninformed. Their rhetoric has all the hallmarks of professional propagandists.

They could begin by “debunking” not only the evidence discovered by Jones and Harritt, but all of the other issues discussed in this hour video: how asymmetrical fire damage causes a symmetrical collapse, how WTC7 fell in free fall acceleration for a hundred something feet, etc.

Mr. Rational and Tteclod both try to hand wave this ninth-grade physics away and use the tactic of mystification. But if it was such and open and shut case, why is there even any controversy?

They could also try to explain the hundreds of eye-witnesses to bombs going off in various places in WTC 1, 2, and 7 – both before, and after, and in some cases long after, the plane impacts.

2 thoughts on “Open Invitation to Mr. Rational & Tteclod

  1. WTC 7 was clearly controlled demolition but the problem with 9/11 is the official narrative of PNAC USA, the GOP will suck to the jews even if most are “Liberal Fags”, maybe this is why Lindsey Graham is the GOP boss.


  2. Well, well, well, look who I found:

    Notice the “88” – “Heil Hitler,” right? Check this out:

    A fellow by the name of Hitler was also fond of doubting anything he didn’t already believe in, especially his vehement hatred of the Jews. In Mein Kampf he mentions The Protocols which are a forged document detailing a Jewish plan for world domination:

    Check it out – the evil Truthers are just like the NAZIS and HITLER – who “hated” innocent Jews!

    Also, notice there doesn’t seem to be anything about White Nationalism.

    I’m merely attempting to understand the psychology of truthers and sadly I’ve come to find that their logic is seriously flawed.

    Notice that he tries to associate 911 Truth with Creationism – as I specifically mentioned. Perhaps he is associated with “rationalwiki,” a major attempt to associate 911 Truth with crystals, creationism, “alternative medicine,” etc.

    Creationism and the 9/11 Truth Movement

    His categories:


    Get it? The blog started in 2010 – I should go back to the MWIR and find out when I first started posting about 9/11 there.

    Notice that he doesn’t actually discuss any of the serious evidence, like AE911Truth. For all the bluster about physics and engineering, he stays far away from those actual subjects. Pouty 9/11 Truthers Get Upset When Reminded to Increase Medications.

    Get it? 911Booger, a parody of the major truther site 911blogger. This is the “JOOOOOOS” tactic.

    These guys do a much better job of debunking his propaganda than I can:

    I was right, folks, he’s a Professional 911 Liar, and has nothing to do with White Nationalism at all.

    His handle on twitter is interesting – I wonder if this huge Basketball fan is him, too?

    He’s “proud” of his daughter and (blonde) cousin for taking pictures with college basketball players.

    Same guy? Who knows.

    But my instincts are rarely wrong.


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