“Tex” Rubinowitz, Helter Skelter, and Cryptographic Gelatinmania



Gelatin, Arc de Triomphe, 2003 Gelatin, Arc de Triomphe, 2003. (ZOG celebrating a smash success)

As many 9/11 conspiracy buffs and researchers are already aware, one of the most bizarre and mysterious facets of the event’s surrounding mythos is the covert presence of the “Austrian” art group Gelatin (or Gelitin) in the North Tower in 2000 and the resulting conceptual art stunt known as “The B-Thing“. The team, living secretly inside the building, installed a balcony outside the 91st floor, with a few participants finally taking a bow, as it were, and being photographed from a helicopter. What is disturbing is that the prank is known to have been facilitated by the Mossad-linkedLower Manhattan Cultural Council.

A limited edition book documenting the “B-Thing” project was published in the months leading up to 9/11, and it contains what can only be characterized as suggestions of foreknowledge of the

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8 thoughts on ““Tex” Rubinowitz, Helter Skelter, and Cryptographic Gelatinmania

  1. Evidence that Manson was a psy op is pretty compelling. The CIA helped usher in the 1960’s counter culture, using Laurel Canyon as its base, and by the time Viet Nam needed promoting they deployed Manson to help usher it out. That’s supposition, of course, but the proof that way more than met the eye was up with Manson really is considerable. What that means for Mossad’s role in 9/11…I have no idea. Bugliosi had mob connections, so that adds to the interest, given Giuliani’s possible complicity in the whole affair.

    Those who’ve lived in LA or NY become a different school altogether.


      1. This is the first I’ve ever heard about ‘Bear’ or Stanley. How’d you come upon the information? He and many of the 60’s/early 70’s counter culture luminaries were linked to military backgrounds. Sharon Tate’s father, Jim Morrison’s, etc. etc. Both were not just military but also in intelligence. Don’t know which part Hendrix’s father was in. At least two of Manson’s girl groupies were linked as well.


      2. One of the most interesting facts is that Robert Gordon Wasson, a JP Morgan Banker helped to popularize the “magic mushroons”.


  2. Just checked…Stanley’s obit includes most of the info. I guess the big question is whether the military was feeding the 60’s culture these personae, or, whether they were attracted to rebellion because of their rigid backgrounds.


    1. I have read the Laurel Canyon series – David McGowan is great. Not sure if their military backgrounds are particularly significant, as lots and lots of men had military backgrounds back then. But this specific group of “counter-cultural hippies” were not just publicized by random chance, the mainstream elite media made them stars.


      1. Morrison’s father commanded the fleet in the Gulf of Tonkin incident: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/09/us/09morrison.html?_r=0

        Tate’s father was a colonel in military intelligence. Too many glaring contradictions feature in the Manson murders to be written off. The La Bianca murders may not have been just copycats to cover for mob hits; it’s possible they were even planned along with Tate’s ‘murder’ to appear that way. But lots of stuff is possible when you start studying this stuff.


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