If The Facts Are Against You, Just Make Shit Up

Especially if your audience is made up of partisan Republican conservative types – let’s face it, those morons will believe anything.


Syria facilitated IS to ensure that any opposition to the Kremlin/Tehran propped Assad regime would not be armed by the US and EU. I have articles from witnesses showing Assad made road-blocks assisting IS’s killing and sniping and ethnically cleansing moderates and those who want a moderate peaceful country, in Syria, with multiple ethnicities. As Israel does. Because Russia wants any opposition to Iran to not be US backed.

At this point the Sunnis surprised Obama the Kremlin and Tehran with their independent will and potential, and IS is mostly a big boy now. However, still perfectly achieving Syrian/Kremlin goals to keep the US from arming anyone against Assad. The evidence for my case is very strong.

There are other reasons Iran created ISIS, besides the actual evidence that they did in fact create ISIS. Hezbolleh signed an agreement with the UN that it was not allowed to re-arm after the war with Israel. Hezbolleh needed (and the Kremlin needed to provide it) a real good reason to expose the open lie that the UN was facilitating Hezbolleh’s re-arming because of the UN’s irrational superstitious antisemitism. ISIS gave the Kremlin and Hezbolleh/Iran just such an excuse. There is a ton of real evidence I can bring not just motivation.

Also, did you know Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a secret Muslim that was born in Kenya! It’s true. Plus he hates Jews. Obama is basically Hitler.

Poor Jews, they are the true conservatives you know. Jesus was a Jew!

Gotta go, Glenn Beck is on!

4 thoughts on “If The Facts Are Against You, Just Make Shit Up

  1. Shit like this is depressing as hell. It would be funny if not for the fact that most people actually believe it. Judging by the ardor of his support for (i.e., fellation of) Israel, the local morning talk radio neocon actually might have had a religious experience on the occasion of Netanyahu’s visit.


    1. I just got into it (unknowingly) with an Xian-Zionist on Dalrock’s blog. Some Xian-Zionist was suggesting to ask Jewish rabbis about something to do with the Old Testament. I said, hey, ask a Christian about the Christian Bible, not a Jew. He starts it up then said “I looked at your blog, you’re a garden-variety Jew-hater and a tin-foil hatter!”

      As the great theologian David Ray Griffin once said, “if 9/11 isn’t a religious issue, I don’t know what is.” On AS you mentioned some of the symbolic aspects of 9/11. I don’t know too much about that, but 9/11 was an attempt to create a sort-of religion. Religions are often formed in great bloodshed. I remember how 9/11 was used by Xian-Zionists to re-make Christianity into “Zionism for Gentiles.” Xian-Zionism started at the same time political Zionism did, but it went into high gear during 9/11. We had Christian preachers suggesting that God created America specifically to defend Jews from Muslims.

      What these people have done is to replace Jesus Christ with Ashkenazi Jews. You can see how the Xian-Zionists don’t lift a finger to help Arab Christians when they are being attacked by Zionists or Muslims. These psuedo-Christians turn a blind eye to their fellow Christians because they have essentially rejected the Christian religion.

      I know exactly why and how it happened – these people were unsatisfied with traditional Christianity. It didn’t have enough mumbo-jumbo, not enough rituals and silly clothes and more importantly, not enough sci-fi style Apocalpyse. Zionism fit the bill – they can watched battles on TV and pretend it’s the End Times.

      Mostly, though, it’s about money. Most of these TV preachers know what side of the bread is buttered. The Zionists actually bought Jerry Falwell a private plane. Is there any doubt that John Hagee is getting rich from his Zionism schtick?

      The funny thing is, these people know they are lying, they know they are not being true to Christianity. They *know* they are following a non-Christian religion. That’s why they react when you call them out. But it gives them a purpose. Face it – being an actual Christian is boring, all that meekness and loving your neighbor. That’s not nearly as fun as cheering while the bombs drop.

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