Truth and Myth – Tentative Allies?

Noam Chomsky once mentioned that if you want to know what is really going on in the world, read the business press. He specifically mentioned the Wall Street Journal. The implication was that the people that really matter – the manager of International Corporations – had to have a tolerablly realistic understanding of what was going on in the world. The people that didn’t matter – voters – could be told all sorts of fancifal tales, yet the CEOs, managers, diplomats – people who made important decisions – must have the truth, however obscured.

You can watch this in action by comparing and contrasting the political news with business news, especially when there is an outbreak in some mostly unpronounable country somewhere. I think Azerbajan is a great example.

While the political news, ala the New York Times, might concentrate on some story of radical Muslims and their democratic modern opposition, the Wall Street Journal will often have a much more realistic explanation of what is going on – forget Allah and women’s rights, look which corporation just got a contract for the area and which political faction is being hired as advisors. You barely have to read between the lines.

Thus, while under Bush, Azerbajan was mentioned in all sorts of hazy crypto news about the “War On Terror,” the Wall Street Journal was busily documenting how the Azerbajani Chamber of Commerce was staffed by a bunch of very White men … from Texas … who considered anyone delaying their gas pipelines to be “terrorists” … and anyone supporting their gas pipelines to be “moderates” … regardless of any messy business about religion.

As I said in the “Ain’t No War But Ours” article, even if it really was two slightly trained ISIS terrorists – ISIS was armed, trained, funded and equipped by the US, and the Israelis are actively cooperating with ISIS. Even if it’s a “true flag” – it may as well be a “false flag.”

This is why I’m not a “conservative” – “conservatives” are easily emotionally swayed to demonize the enemies-du-jour; they are the perfect Useful Idiots. The War on Terror neo-con kosher conservatism is there to channel White men’s ethnic bigotry into a harmless outlet, one that has them cheering bombing brown Muslims over there why studiously ignoring brown (Muslim or not) “immigrants” flooding into White countries, and only White countries.

The idea that the Empire recruits and creates its own enemies is simply to complex for conservatives, who require simplistic explanations for their simplistic minds. That’s why conservatives never conserve anything and why they always lose. It takes 40 years to turn conservatives from rightly tagging MLK as a communist agitator to worshipping him, ala Glenn Beck, as a Black Conservative proponent of Limited Government.

It doesn’t matter if it’s true, in fact, it may be better that it is false. I read recently that Big Lies are never threatened by the truth, but by other, even Bigger Lies.

The saying has it, to learn who rules over you, learn who you cannot criticize. As Matt Forney and thousands of FOX News talking heads show us, trash-talking Muslims is consequence-free and makes for a good career move. They are not the Semites of which you dare not speak.

Aryan Skynet

Informed speculation concurs that January’s Charlie Hebdo episode was a stage-managed spectacle toward the manipulation of public opinion. Dave Gahary, writing in American Free Press, sums up the situation as follows:

The Paris event bears many of the hallmarks of an Israeli false-flag operation, including possible use of actors, a scripted shootout [. . .] detailed knowledge of the publication’s security and the timing of its staff meeting, the road being cordoned off to keep it traffic-free, an Israeli news editor ready to photograph the event from a nearby roof, a perfect escape by the alleged perpetrators whose true identity is still unknown with one of them [as on 9/11, conveniently] leaving his ID, jihadist flags and Molotov cocktails in the getaway car and the two suspects, under security watch for previous terrorist activities, shot dead, one of whom was a pizza delivery boy who nonetheless conducted an unobstructed…

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