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So I used to post on this relatively popular New York City internet forum. The “politics” section wasn’t about actual politics, it was a competition to see who could come up with the most clever and biting insults for “the other side.” Posters were regularly switch between “conservative” or “liberal” and argue for and against both sides.

It was not too long until a faction of the regular commenters realized that the real taboo-breaking comments, that would get the most upvotes and downvotes, would be immediately swarmed by Zionists that would rally the cause whether or not it was from the “right” or the “left.” This lead to a hilarious competition among a certan crowd to take on that particular group in the funniest and most insulting way possible – this, mind you, was a decade before the Daily Stormer/4chan trolling things – they are young upstarts to this particular game.

Well, once the Tel Aviv faction was trying to sell the Zionist regime by posting pictures of IDF chicks in their bikinis holding guns and the like.

Now look, there are plenty of very beautiful Jewish women, obviously. But, let’s be honest, Israeli women are not Swedish. So these hasbaras would post these pictures of tiny little Israeli women in chain mail bikinis, and we would be, like, “what is this the cast picture of the Lord of the Rings extras?” Someone would chime in, “yeah from the Brothel of Middle Earth scene.” The IDF guys would be showing pictures of their girlfriends in lingere, and we would just say, “what Israeli women all look like midget gypsy prostitutes?”

Whenever I’m bummed that the Zionist regime has our entire government on retainer while at the same time they continue to use their media to shit all over our culture, I just remember that we are so much better looking than them they want nothing more thant to breed with us. Which, hey, for a ok-looking guy living in NYC it really gives you a unique perspective on the Jewess Question.

Aryan Skynet

Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Miss Israel, Gal Gadot Keepin’ it ‘Rael – Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Miss Israel, Gal Gadot

What is BDS? “In 2005,” notes the movement’s website, “Palestinian civil society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights” – in other words, until it stops exterminating the Arabs on its drunken American sugar daddy’s dime. “A truly global movement against Israeli Apartheid is rapidly emerging in response to this call.”

BDS derives particular strength from university groups; but even those who believe themselves to be too far removed from the fray or from positions of the meagerest bit of influence can do small things to assist the cause. The consumer boycott phase involves eschewing the export “goods” of the Jewish state or its corporate partners – one component of the campaign with which the United States government clearly is not in…

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One thought on “BDS This T&A

  1. Oh sure, the acclaimed most beautiful jewesses – i.e. Bar Raffaelli, Scarlett Johanson, Miss Portman, – are the most aryan looking jewess girls you can find.
    No Sarah Silverman or Barbara Streisand in the lot…


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