Neils Harritt Libel Trial

With Dr. Neils Harritt of the University of Copenhagen in the news, there has been an outbreak of internet comments attacking the 9/11 truth movement.

That World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, and 7 were destroyed in a controlled demolition is obvious. It’s the prima facie, Occam’s razor case. One only needs to watch the videos of the buildings being demolished to know it. We’ve all seen buildings demolished, like the Vegas hotels, and what you see in the videos of the destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7 is what everyone knows to be a controlled demolition.

This is not a “conspiracy theory” – it’s a political taboo. Everyone with even a cursory knowledge of the basic facts knows it is what it is.

Then, there is this online campaign of anti-truthers. They will come up with very long winded and complicated pseudo-explanations and hand-wavery. AE911Truth, and the broader movement in general, has presented massive and conclusive evidence of 9/11. The “professional 911 liar” movement generally ignores the evidence, hand waves it away, and then engaged in personal attacks, concern trolling, and the like.

The Snowden leaks reveal this exact same strategy for online disruption of NSA critics. Israel’s hasbara campaign used similar tactics.

Ask yourself why there even exists an organized anti-truth movement? Ask yourself why even the Obama administration has called for attacking “conspiracy theorists” and especially 9/11 truthers?

France is supposedly moving to ban “conspiracy theories” as “Nazism” due to so many people having unorthodox opinions on the Charlie Hebdo/Kosher Shop attacks.

It came as a surprise to a lot of people on the left when Noam Chomsky, revered Jewish lefty hero, strongly attacked 9/11 truth using very obvious underhanded tactics. It came out later than another Celebrity Leftist, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, wouldn’t touch 9/11 stories like Susan Lindauer’s. It just so happens that these “dissidents” that are supposedly engaged in “speaking truth to power” fall right in line to attack dissidents on the big issues.

Supposedly now the Iraqi government has proof of the US working with – not against – the “ISIS forces” in the Middle East, just as we did with “Al Qaeda” before them.

Yet, still, there are people in the White Nationalist movement making grand analyses of the “clash of civilization” with the Muslims, all the while pretending the basic facts don’t exist – that 9/11 was “an inside job” to one degree or another, and that the Sunni “terrorists” of the Mujahadeen, Al Qaeda, and ISIS are NATO assets.

You can go on the right, or the left, and see these gatekeepers in action.

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