NPI Gets A Clue

The National Policy Institute is “real” – it has a budget. Richard Spencer is a professional. In theory, it’s a pro-White think tank. It could be lobbying officials to restrict immigration or just put out policy papers in the interests of White people. usually has some interesting articles. Gregory Hood, who I’ve been reading for years since he used to post on OccidentalDissent, blogs there.

But I was shocked when I read Louis Jahn’s Major National Security Threats article. In it, he:

1. Refers to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 as a “false flag.”

2. Acknowledges that NATO has been arming our “enemy” ISIS/ISIL.

For a White Nationalist blog, this shows a huge amount of courage. Gregory Johnson of Counter Currents, for example, attacks “conspiracy theorists.” But of course, if you read the comments on the Radix thread, the usual suspects are trying to shove everything back into the militia/counter-jihad box.

But it is like watching a light bulb go off over someone’s head. For once. Maybe there is some hope for this “White Nationalist” movement after all.

The story of Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University is quite telling. He’s just some work-a-day chemist and studies the dust from the World Trade Center demolition on 9/11.

Immediately, someone in the “nuclear industry” contacts him, demanding his retract his paper. Jones is offered money for co-operation, or losing his job if he does not.

Why would anyone bother to attack some work-a-day chemist for publishing a “conspiracy theory?”

In Hypothesis, they interview the guy that threatened and attempted to bribe Dr. Jones (he lost his job anyway. 9/11 Truth is not quite illegal, but it’s pretty close. You can be fired. It’s just like “racism” or “anti-semitism” in that way.)

Anyway, watch the shill as he explains why he threatened/bribed Dr. Jones. Listen to him explain that Dr. Jones might be “helping terrorists” if he publishes about the thermetic material found in the dust.

He obviously doesn’t do a convincing job, but it doesn’t matter.

This is how the system works. Dissident are threatened or bought off.

4 thoughts on “NPI Gets A Clue

    1. I never post on Radix, nor TOO, nor any other WN sites. I was preemptively banned from Counter-Currents, but then again, who wasn’t?

      AS was just meant to keep the old MWIR crowd together. Hasn’t really worked out that way but icareview and Logan are excellent writers so it’s almost even better now.


    1. VB is either an elaborate troll or a very unfortunately mentally ill women. Mental illness is a serious problem.

      S365 … he likes to post articles about EVIL SEXUAL PERVERTS USING THEIR PENISES INCORRECTLY all the time. Sure, I think it may be worth it to write pro-marriage articles. It’s good for white people to promote a healthy sexual culture.

      But some people like to gossip, tabloid style, about other people’s genitals. I’m not into it myself.


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