Airwolf Command

I think they can only do one war per generation.

I remember the second Clinton administration, they were trying to drum up a war with Iraq. Clinton had been bombing Iraq pretty much daily for years, but they wanted ground troops.

So Clinton, Albright, this one Jew guy, they all did a tour of college campuses, the idea was to sell the war as “humanitarian intervention.” Saddam was really bad so we had to go and “liberate his people” out of the goodness of our hearts.

It didn’t work. The college kids just protested them the whole time – and not just lefty nuts chanting and holding up signs. Even “moderate” or “conservative” college students would be asking these harsh (read: intelligent) questions about the real motivations for the war and the actual costs, human and otherwise, vs. the benefits.

Of course all that went away when The Boogeyman showed up and three skyscrapers in Manhattan were knocked down by two airplanes, and the wily terrorists actually managed to hit the headquarters of the World’s Sole Superpower – the Pentagon – with a civilian aircraft.

The radar was pointed the wrong way, we were told. No, I’m not making that up.

But that got everyone on board, and it wasn’t until Abu Ghraib and the Battle of Fallujah that people started questioning what was going on.

But yeah – the media. That’s how you manage a democracy. People will believe pretty much whatever they see and hear in the media.

You know, this is true. There was, at some point, the idea that they would fake an “Alien Invasion” – as in E.T. – on TV and use this for some sort of cover for something. It didn’t happen obviously. Regan sort of telescoped it once when he said – I’m not kidding, Ronald Reagan actually said this in a speech – that if aliens invaded Earth we’d all put our differences behind us and join in a global government.

To fight the aliens.

Hey, don’t blame me – I didn’t say it. Conservative hero, Republican President Ronald Reagan said it. And millions of conservative White men nodded along and thought, “yeah I’d totally kick some alien ass for Ronald Reagan!”

But then when the soldiers start coming home in body bags, people start asking, hey, why did we start a war again? That sentiment lasts until most of the injured vets die off and the new generation of suckers is born.

Rinse, repeat. That’s how you manage democracy. You don’t even need to fix the voting machines, by the law of averages, the house always wins.

Aryan Skynet

A werewolf of the airwaves: Michael Weiner (alias Savage) A typical werewolf of the airwaves: Michael Weiner (alias Savage)

“I have a simple question: why do we fight?” asks therehastobeaway at Daily Kos.

Do wars result from the vestigial behaviors of our evolutionary past? Do we fight because doing so achieves swifter outcomes than does diplomacy? Do we do so because our weapons and our war tactics are more advanced relative to our political skill sets? Or is it that we view democracy as a necessarily bloody oasis between stasis and revolution?

therehastobeaway attempts to crack this conundrum even while ignorantly promoting the myth of the “mid-century war of moral necessity”, and eventually concludes on the vague, defeatist note that  America’s “addiction to war goes back to our very beginnings.” Like many on the dissident Right, therehastobeaway would like to attribute a public policy to its ideological basis, whether real or imagined – “exporting democracy

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