Pale Horse

Sibel Edmonds says the heroin is brought to the US on military planes, flown to military bases, loaded and unloaded by uniformed US military personnel.

Aryan Skynet

Guernica horse

In the memorable Five Families negotiation scene of The Godfather (1972), Detroit boss Joseph Zaluchi (Louis Guss) makes no secret of his scruples with respect the emerging illegal narcotics racket.

I also don’t believe in drugs. For years I paid my people extra so they wouldn’t do that kind of business. Somebody comes to them and says, “I have powders; if you put up three, four thousand dollar investment – we can make fifty thousand distributing.” So they can’t resist. I want to control it as a business, to keep it respectable. I don’t want it near schools – I don’t want it sold to children! That’s an infamia. In my city, we would keep the traffic in the dark people – the colored. They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls.

At one time, heroin addiction was more of a black problem than a white one. NotesThe…

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