Pretty But Dumb

We had a puppy we described as “pretty but dumb.” She was a cute little bitch but was obviously not one of the smarter breeds of dog.

One of the worst things about leftism, in general, is that it provides really dumb people with an illusion of superiority. I always found it funny that people say that “racism is caused by ignorance.” It’s really the exact reverse; negative opinions about some racial groups are caused by exposure to that racial group.

In America, “the South” is considered “racist” and it just so happens that that is where all the Black people live. Southern Whites are not “ignorant” about Blacks, they have daily and continuous experience with them. If Southern Whites have negative views about Blacks, it is precisely because they know Blacks, they live around Blacks, and they work with Blacks. The actual people who are “ignorant” about Blacks are people in lily-white places like Vermont, where they likely have never even seen a Black person except on TV.

So anyway, some dumb teenage girl spent the last 48 hours jilling off to my spanking stories. She left twenty something comments on my various stories. Apparently, she followed the links from reddit’s hilarious and sometimes sexy “Break Feminazi” section, where I’ve posted a number of my spanking stories.

This girl runs a blog about serial killers and claims to enjoy homosexual rape revenge fantasy porn. In any case, she left this comment:

The world that we have now, where your boss might be a woman and the cop giving you the evil eye for speeding could be black, is not a world your kind can survive in.

You see, she’s accusing me of “racism” and “sexism” – as if I’ve never worked for a woman, or never gotten a speeding ticket from a Black cop. She apparently has a hard time separating fact from fiction, and seems to believe that my stories were about her – that may be more than just women’s solipsism, it might be full blown mental illness. She asked me to apologize – to her – for writing stories she shouldn’t even be reading.

She’s a feminist, quite obviously very conflicted about her sexuality and how rapey her fantasies likely are. But feminism has made her believe that she has something to say to the world. Since she knows about “feminism” she thinks she knows more than other people about women and men. I mean, this girl is likely a virgin, she may have never even kissed a boy. But because of leftism – in her case, feminism – she actually thinks that she could teach me – Hipster Racist, an adult man that has lived on three continents, traveled the world, made love to countless women, survived terrorist attacks, buried loved ones, and even created human life –

she thinks that “my kind” won’t survive the modern world because … sexism and racism.

Now, the young tend to be narcissists, it’s true. But in a sane culture, teenage girls would be taught by their parents and elders that lecturing adults who have more experience than them is gauche. As the old saying has it, better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re a fool rathern than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

But leftism – including feminism, which is just another form of leftism – gives young narcissists the idea that they know something more than their elders. Seemingly this was a product of the Baby Boomers, who for some reason believed that they knew better than their parent’s generation, then went and essentially screwed America up and destroyed their children’s generation. I remember when “Generation X” was all the rage, and the word was that they hated their parents and they scoffed at the “Sixties” and the idiotic values that that generation – the TV Generation, let’s not forget – brought with them.

Leftism arms idiots with a faux-knowledge. For example, they change words every few years and if you don’t know the newest phrases for something, that counts as “ignorance.” The term “Oriental” used to be a perfectly fine word to describe people from, well, the Orient, as opposed to the Occident. But that became politically incorrect and the term “Asian” became fashionable. So now if some older person uses the term “Oriental” the young leftists feel like they are smarter because they know “Asian” is now politically correct.

It’s even more ridiculous with Blacks. “Negro” was a perfectly legitimate term with no negative connotations whatsoever. But the euphemistic cycle kicked it, and it became Black, then Afro-American, then African America, now it’s “People of Color” – you know, “colored people.” Well, it’s ok to say “People of Color” but not “colored people.”

This sort of faux-knowledge really gives these young leftists a sense of superiority. It’s pathetic, and laughable, but it works in giving them “self-esteem.”

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