The Great Con (Part I)

I’ve noticed that among the “White Right,” “White Nationalists,” and “Alternative Right” you can categorize people by who they believe threatens their interests.

Many people get into racialized politics because of Negro crime. In Europe, the demographic – and physical – threat of Muslim immigrants is paramount in many people’s minds, for legitimate reasons. In America, there is no Muslim threat to speak of, and American paranoia about Muslims is a product of war propaganda, specifically, Jewish war propaganda in the interests of the Zionist regime.

For social conservatives, you have the “manosphere” types, which believe that “feminism” is the cause of all their problems. Then, you have a faction that are absolutely obsessed with homosexuals. They seem to seek them out, read a lot about them, and engage in detailed imaginings about their sexual practices.

Who you think threatens your interests says a lot about you as a person. I pretty much side with the counter-Semites. Like Kevin MacDonald, I suggest that the “hostile elites” that promote immigration and anti-Whiteness are Jews, and Judaized Whites, like the “Christian” Zionists, and globalized capital.

The rest – the leftists and the non-whites – are essentially powerless and just along for the ride.

The Tribe, through it’s historical religious influence as well as its modern media regime, has been able to play “both sides” of every issue, and especially “the right” gets whip lash looking for enemies within their tribes, or outside of their tribes – but never squarely *at the Tribe*. This is a look at one particular way they do it.

Aryan Skynet

A few weeks ago, I was at work and one of my gay coworkers was standing nearby. He suddenly farted very loudly and everyone heard it but pretended not to notice. If it were someone else who did it, you can bet somebody would have made a joke — but because the fart came from a gay man, likely with a weakened sphincter from all the butt pounding, they pretended it never happened.

So I got to thinking, what if someone created a gay character who was always farting, and his coworkers always pretended not to hear or smell it. If a film/TV show tried to explicitly explain why homosexuality is unnatural/unhealthy, they would be crucified. However, if they made the point by letting the viewer laugh and make his own conclusion by witnessing one of the unfortunate physiological effects of buggery, they would get away with it.

Just an…

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