Pitchfork Passive Aggression versus the Judeo-Vice-Usury Matrix

This reminds me of the old MWIR, we used to discuss “factory phood” and the terrible diets of Murkans all the time.

Greg Johnson has tried to resurrect the many, many alternative economic and monetary models white populations have attempted to use. Unfortunately, our worst internal enemy – conservatives – are stuck in the “hard money capitalism” religion.

So, the usury will continue until the conservatives are finally gelded. Remember, conservatives always, constantly make fun of people who eat healthy diets, organic foods, and avoid fast food, or GMO crops. Only fags eat healthy food – REAL MEN eat MacDonald cheeseburgers, don’t ya know! (That’s why conservatives are so fat, of course. Hell, I even remember when conservatives used to say that smoking cigarettes was actually GOOD for you, and all the studies showing smoking causing cancer was really a liberal conspiracy.)

Aryan Skynet

Skynet Gothic Skynet Gothic

This writer recently drew readers’ attention to the disturbing confluence of financial interest uniting the military-industrial complex and the “news” and entertainment media, with megalithic investment firms like Vanguard Group, Barclays Global Investors, and State Street heavily invested in both the “defense” sector and media conglomerates to the tune of millions of shares. To treat only these two symbiotic components of the reigning globalist money power dystopia, however, is to suggest an incomplete picture of the problem and the challenges that confront an awakening European nation.

Those sufficiently sentient to have discovered a website like Aryan Skynet must be aware already that whites have lost control of their political processes and suffer ongoing economic, cultural, and geographic dispossession across the western world. These readers do not need to be told that voting for a Republican will accomplish nothing in terms of securing the long-term wellbeing of the race…

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