The Concubine Class

Chicks dig power; power, specifically, a power differential, is at the core of women’s sexuality.

The Christian manosphere types came up with the acronym LAMPS, later changed to the more Biblical PSALMS, to describe what women find attractive in men. I always think it’s funny, because what women find attractive in men is obvious to all women, and perhaps even most men. But clueless guys are always saying, “damn it she keeps on fucking all those assholes that don’t really care about her!”

So LAMPS, Looks, Athleticism, Money, Power and Status.

Think of yoga. Yoga chicks are hot, right? It’s sexy to see them doing all their poses, right? In high culture, perhaps the ultimate woman is the ballerina, and in the modern Olympics, it’s the figure skater. That is the sort of athleticism we expect in our women.

What about men? Also easy. What is the most popular sport in the world? Soccer. You think that when girls look at European soccer players, they aren’t getting randy and having sexy thoughts? So, looks and athleticism, athleticism simply being the beauty of the body. Beauty. Women like beauty in men, same as men like in women.

I know, these manosphere guys are like autistic, but hey, I’m just trying to help.

Now this is what the “betas” hate. Women love *power* – that’s the other part. Money, Power, and Status.

Ok, so status. Think about college. Which men have status in the college? Well, the hockey players, the White athletes. The rich guys. You know, like the frat boys. Is it any surprise that it’s frat boys that college girls have sexual fantasies about? They are not fantasizing about servicing the Audio Visual club or the Sociology department. They are fantasizing about servicing the frat boys on the Lacrosse team.

So, chicks form sororities.

See, this is the most sexist thing I’m ever going to say. Women mimic men in this hilarious way. Remember when you were kids, and some girl was a “tomboy” and liked to roughhouse with the boys? So, these college girls see men forming the Male Hierarchy: the sports team, the fraternity, etc. So women, engaging in what is, essentially, cargo-cult masculinity, say, “well the boys formed a hierarchy, we can too!” So they make a “sorority” which is just a group of girls mimicking what they see boys doing.

Then, the sororities hold parties and invite fraternity boys so the boys will fuck them. Which they do.

So, then you graduate. Imagine you are a typical White man, 25 years old. Let’s say you have a job, and you work long hours, working on getting a promotion, and a raise, and saving up your money until you establish yourself.

Well, you’re 25 right? You are going to get horny. But you don’t have time for a wife, or even a girlfriend really. You aren’t ready to marry and have a family – at 25? That’s crazy too young, right?

So what are you going to do? Well, you are going to avail yourself of the Concubine Class.

So, women see men getting jobs at these corporations, and they engage in cargo-cult masculinity and mimic what they see the men doing. So the men go work for these corporations. So the girls want to as well. So they get a job as a secretary, or in the Human Resources Department. These girls may or may not be smart, but they don’t have any clue what they are doing, generally. They would almost certainly be happier as a wife and mother, but unfortunately, the boys that are in their league, looks wise, status wise … CLASS WISE … are actually making less than them, or have jobs seen as lower status than them. Their potential boyfriends might be plumbers or something, while they wear sharp looking blouses and skirts to work.

Since women get aroused by power differentials, they want a man who is:

Better looking than them (Looks)

Has a beautiful, masculine body (Athleticism)

and has more Money, Power, and Status than her.

How many men can actually fulfill those requirements?

Not many.

So, the handful of men that DO fulfill those requirements, what do you think they are going to do?

Well, the are going to see these girls as the Concubine Class.

Which they are.

It gets even more interesting when you add race into the mix. So once I had this hot little 21 year old Indian chick. Believe me, I have no fetish for Indian chicks and really do not find most of them attractive. This girl was. Come on, I’m probably 28, and some young little thing right out of college starts throwing herself at me. I actually used to go out the side entrance to avoid her. Young girls, being dumb, don’t even realize how transparent they are when it comes to flirting.

So, all of the Indian guys see her chatting me up, so what do you think they think?

They are thinking, “goddamn Americanized whore!”

What are the Indian chicks thinking? They are thinking, “By the many arms of Vishnu, I’d love nothing more than to bag one of these White American men, think of how light skinned my kids would be!”

Of course, the typical White guy isn’t really interested in having little brown babies. But some slightly off-color poon? An exotic concubine for a weekend?

Yeah, maybe, you know.

But even in an all white context, the end of monogamy has singnaled a new sexual regime, and funnily enough, it looks a lot like the traditional sexual regime. Men at he top of the hierarchy of Money Power Status have themselves, essentially, a harem. Usually it’s one at a time, but you’d be surprised.

Now, of course, women think that they are just playing the game too. Girls just wanna have fun, and plenty of these boys are not marriage material anyway. They are not Mr. Right, they are Mr. Right Now.

But girls can only play this game for 15 years. From the age of 15, to the age of 30, that is pretty much all they got. Then, they are regulated to second stringers as the new crop of hotties comes of age.

Guys have about, er I dunno, from 15 to 40? 50? At age 50, you know, you just give the 20 something keys so she and her girlfriends can use the pool when you’re away. Either her, or one of her girlfriends, will do what is necessary to keep access to that money, power, and status. Even if it’s some old dude. And I guess once a man really ages out, like Bill Clinton, he’ll just move to call girls.

This is, after all, the actual Traditional Arrangment. The men at the top have always been polygamous. In the Muslim world, men can have up to four wives. Does anyone doubt some Chinese businessman living in Hong Kong has a few Chinese hotties adorning his yacht?

So you see, when you look at those girls at Spring Break, dancing around in their bikinis, you can tell where you stand by your reaction to it.

If your reaction is, “damn it women these days are such sluts. Are there any decent girls left? How am I going to find a wife if all these girls are slutting around in their bikinis at Spring Break?” that means you see these women as the Wife Class.

If your reaction is, “the one of the left. Let’s hire her as an intern after classes” that puts a whole new spin on it, doesn’t it? You see these women as the Concubine Class. You do, or will, have enough power and status and money to be attractive to these women. If you have looks and athleticism too, you get the cream of the crop – not just young concubines, but particularly hot young concubines.

All the career gals saying “well women like sex too. Women don’t have to be married. Women can have a rewarding career.” Ok sure, but you know what? Most people, men nor women, don’t have great careers. Most people kind of hate their jobs. Most women do not, in fact, have fabulous careers where they “lean in” and finally break that glass ceiling and get the corner office.

Come on. And even the tiny few women that do, they get so angry and write so many articles on the internet saying, “well, the men my age at my salary level, they are too busy fucking girls right out of college! And they aren’t even settling down anyway! It’s so sexist! Sure that girl may be 22, have a perfect body, and will fuck his brains out every day, but I have a freaking Master’s Degree and even make as much money as him!”


Traditionally, what women did was to support a system of monogamy. They could never and will never enforce monogamy on the top men, but they can get most men to settle down and become husbands and fathers. But the more concubines there are, the fewer men are going to settle for monogamy.

Of course, there is an easy, simple solution. Girls need to get married right after high school. A girl needs to be married by 21. She needs to pop out two kids immediately thereafter. This “catches” the man for life. There is no reason girls have to go to college before they have a family. You can go to college at 28 instead of 18. Do family first, then get the degree.

But let’s be honest – it’s actually rather exciting to be a concubine isn’t it?

Ask a typical guy, would you rather have one average looking wife, or have three good looking college girls waiting for you when you came home?

Everyone understands the deal.

But as a typical woman, would you rather have one average Joe husband, or would you like to have a torrid affair with a wealthy, mysterious man of means before you settle down with average Joe?

Guys get real butthurt when they find out her answer is about like his.

Those good looking, wealthy men of means, something like Spring Break is just a menu to them. “I’ll take that one, that one, and that one.” The manosphere guys are young, you can tell, because they see these things through a young man’s eyes. They are looking for girls in their class, that class being socio-economic as well as looks. But for upper class men, the prole women are concubines, and they always have been.

When the middle and working classes had a system of monogamy, there were few concubines available. Oh, believe me, they were still there it just hadn’t become institutionalized. Spring Break is institutionalizing the Concubine Class.

Because women love power, the men who have power are the men that the women want.

People who see this through the lens of morality are missing the greater point. The Concubine Class is emerging out of the former middle class. The male peers of these girls are simply not going to be economically able to be fathers, so the girls that otherwise would have married these men are going to go to college and start “careers.”

As was said recently, these are Pink Collar jobs. But they pay as much, if not more, than the jobs that the male peers of these women would get.

Who is creating these Pink Collar jobs?

Well, surprise surprise. It’s men with money, and they want to hire your daughter to come work for them.

What happens when one nation occupies another? What happened when Germany invaded France, and France lost? Well, all of a sudden French women took quite a shine to those handsome Germans in their spiffy uniforms, eh?

I remember when the stories emerged out of Iraq. One of the military contractors had set up a system. Blowjobs from local Iraqi girls: one dollar. Girls from teenager to 20 somethings. It was a scandal because it even involved some officers.

I just read that after their defeat, the Japanese immediately set up brothels for the occupying Americans. They “got out in front” of the problem. Anytime you have a bunch of high testosterone men from one group lording it over another group, the women from the defeated group become the Concubine Class for the victorious group. They didn’t want American soldiers seducing and raping Japanese women randomly, so they recruited a Concubine Class to contain the problem. You gotta give the Japanese credit, they know how to solve problems.

The fact that we have “loose morals” these days and the fact we have reliable birth control certainly has an impact, and makes the situation a bit more extreme, but this is not a new pattern. It has always been this way.

So if you are the father of a daughter, it really would make sense to decide if you want your daughter to become a Wife, or a Concubine.

Don’t “let her make her own decisions about her own body” – LOL what a fucking joke. She is not going to make good decisions based on long term goals. She is going to get horny around all that power and won’t even understand what comes over her.

Blogger Heartiste recently had an article about seducing “prole girls.” He mentioned how you could go to some small town, and signal that you have an exciting, fancy job in the city. It’s just a blatant power display, it’s no different than flexing your muscles or her bending over and showing her ass.

Can upper class, white collar guys go to some small town and seduce prole girls? Of course, it’s the easiest thing in the world. In fact, you can see how, in some ways, the manosphere is creating it’s own Concubine Class from the ruins of the former White American middle class.

It’s becoming institutionalized.

Neat huh?

I’m not a progressives, progressives believe that history is linear, it goes from bad and primitive and progresses to good and sophisticted. As a traditionalist, I realize that history goes in cycles; groups vie for power, some groups defeat other groups. History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.

17 thoughts on “The Concubine Class

    1. >Hell, the prole girls will seduce you often enough.

      Holy shit they stickied this over at TheRedPill. If I had known that I would have spell-checked it.

      I should run blog ads or something, I’m a fantastic writer. A veritable modern Bukowsky or Ellroy.

      Prole girls need prole husbands and to have families, not to serve as concubines for young yuppies.

      This is how the middle class is being gutted. Price the prole women out of reach of prole men – those “Pink Collar jobs” – and keep a bunch of young prole girls around your office.

      Even if you aren’t actually having sex with them, you are still using their youth and beauty (and maybe brains too) and keeping them away from their family.

      I’m telling you, it is almost like institutionalized exploitation of women.


  1. this is a great article. but damn, more bittersweet than anything as an Indian guy. it really sucks to be lowest rung on the totem pole in terms of sexual racial dynamics.


    1. moreter – I didn’t lay a hand on her. I saw the way the Indian guys were looking at me – these are guys I have to work with. Some random piece of brown ass was not about to mess up my job.

      Didn’t matter though, they all just assumed I had fucked her.


  2. Hey,

    Found your blog through reddit redpill. Binged all your posts, very informative. I really liked your posts on the elite, I learned a lot and related a little.

    I come from a middle-class background, but I also had a smart dad and inherited some of those genes. I married up, wife is upper-middle class. Her dad is a top exec and makes a lot more money than my dad, mom is more “socially sophisticated” than my mom. I’m decent looking, pretty popular, and career is doing pretty good so maybe that’s what she saw in me.

    I’m still learning a lot about the upper-middle class world. Ex. She was always worried i’d run off with a waitress or college chick once I became a lawyer. Wanted to be part of interviews for my secretaries, cut all the pretty young secretaries. I think she learned a lot of these things from her mom. I didn’t understand a lot of her reasoning until I read your blog, thought she was just feeling insecure because I wasn’t showing her enough love, all makes more sense now.

    You mention good ways for WN to have lots of kids in another post. I’m in a different situation because i’m married. I was wondering what’s the best play in my situation to have more kids? Its less of a WN thing for me and more of a selfish Genghis Khan thing lol. Have one on the way and she’s happy to have as many as I want, but ideal birth spacing seems like a bitch. Every 3 years means 4 kids max, before she hits 35.

    I have a feeling she’s been taught to look the other way if her rival is from the lower classes and most of the resources still go to her kids. From what you’ve seen, what do upper-middle class men do, and can get away with? The middle-class mentality I grew up with was “play by the rules” and “work hard”. The upper-middle class world is new to me.


    1. I was wondering what’s the best play in my situation to have more kids?

      OK, what you do is, start kissing your wife’s neck and maybe spank her butt a little bit. When you get hard, stick your penis in her vagina…

      wait, what was the question again?

      I have a feeling she’s been taught to look the other way if her rival is from the lower classes and most of the resources still go to her kids.

      Are you asking me if you can cheat on your wife? Don’t cheat on your wife.

      If you are upper middle class, boinking the Starbucks barista on the side is pretty easy to do. It’s actually extremely easy to exploit working class girls. That’s why the working classes and the middle class used to marry their daughters off early – to avoid them becoming entertainment for rich guys.

      A Wife’s children inherit the family name, the money, the house, the resources. They are “official.”

      The children of concubines do not.

      I’ve been told that many women sort of lose interest in their husbands sexually once they finish having children. Many wives of upper/middle class men will gladly look the other way if her husband decides to take on a concubine, as long as she never sees it, there’s no scandal, and obviously no children.

      But believe me, if you start boinking some working class girl, and your wife finds out, and you tell her, “some blogger named Hipster Racist said it’s just what upper middle class men do,” I don’t think it’s going to help you very much.

      Word to the wise.


    2. Oh, and “Hipster Racist” is a fictional character, as was that article The Nature of our Elites.

      I mean, does any of that sound at all believable to you? Rich people having mass orgies and wealthy men using their money and status to get sex from women?

      I just have an over-active imagination. Eyes-wide shut style parties? Come on.

      Next you’ll be telling me that jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.


    1. @thrasymachus33308

      “Game” is, apparently, necessary for some young men who don’t have that, er, dominant side. “PUA” is, of course, absolutely silly. Going to nightclubs and picking up chicks – it ain’t rocket science.

      Marriage is an economic institution. There is a reason why women go apeshit when they think of an older man with a younger women. It’s very, very easy for men in a society to create a prostitute class, or something a bit softer – what I’m calling a “concubine class.”

      Women are not mysterious nor complex, they are dead simple.

      You know, the reference about Iraq is true. When a group of men have power over another group, paying young women token amounts of money in exchange for sex becomes institutionalized.

      Marriage gives women a higher status. As marriage breaks down in the working and middle classes, a lot of women are losing that status.

      This is not something I am celebrating.


  3. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    1) “This is, after all, the actual Traditional Arrangment. The men at the top have always been polygamous. In the Muslim world, men can have up to four wives. Does anyone doubt some Chinese businessman living in Hong Kong has a few Chinese hotties adorning his yacht?”

    2) ” the women from the defeated group become the Concubine Class for the victorious group”

    Both observations are utterly unacceptable to both Christians and WNs. Cultural Marxists do, however, understand this and apply this rule. Why do you all think they direct their hatred to “white men”, an intersectionality, while WNs direct their hatred to “Jews” as if Jews do not have gender, sexual orientation, etc. etc.


  4. Hey this is a bit off topic but what’s the song in the video at the end of the article? I’ve heard it so many times before and it’s bothering me that I can’t remember.


  5. Advice to a younger woman having to deal with this bullshit. Freeze your eggs young -lots of them – then educate the hell out of yourself. Go all out making as much money as you can. Maybe you will get lucky and find a guy who is worth settling down with. If not, pay off the house, find a sperm donor and then have your family. Somewhere in all of this someone decent will come along. In the meantime you will get to have it all. Screw this sexist shit. It’s not about feminism. It’s about automaton and outsourcing – that is the cause for the end of families.


    1. @Raphaelle

      I really don’t think that advice is going to work for the majority of women. Not only is it not going to make them happy as it really goes against their nature, middle class careerism is increasingly out of reach for younger women anyway.


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