Where Did America Go Wrong?

There was no one point in time. Bringing African slaves to the South had terrible consequences. I like to pose as a Dixiecrat but the fact is the Whigs were right to keep Black slavery from spreading – and they were right to stamp out the polygamous child molestation that Mormonism started as. Look how well that turned out! The monogamous Mormons create people like the Romneys – pretty much the best America has to offer. The Mormon cults that kept polygamy turned out like the Warren Jeffs and the FLDS.

By the 1930s, America was ruled by a mostly non-religious, secular, scientifically minded Darwinist group of Whites that were fixing society. We fixed a lot of the women’s problems – women never had it so good as in America. We had heroes like Margaret Sanger doing her best to keep the Negro problem from growing and promoting common sense eugenics and sex education.

Our mistake was letting in the immigrant Catholics because Catholics brought the Jew problem with them. Notice the only Jews we had in America before were the Sephardic slave traders in the South. The Yankee liberals were perfectly anti-semitic.

We let the damn Jews take over the media and it all went to hell from there. Jews – being what they are – started introducing every poison into our culture through their media. The WASPs, stupidly, tried to integrate the Jews and the Jews repaid them by stabbing WASPs in the back. It’s the old story of the scorpion and the frog.

To fix this problem, we need to re-introduce good old fashion RACISM with a big helping of ANTI-SEMITISM. That is all we need to fix the problems of modern America. Anything else is a distraction. History nerds whining about the Reformation or the Enlightenment are just a petty distraction.

All we need is to be who we are – WHITE – and stop arguing about anything else.

4 thoughts on “Where Did America Go Wrong?

  1. Catholics are guilty? It was the Catholic League who tried to control Jewish Hollywood degeneracy in the 30s and 40s, while traditional White America gave us the Evanjewlical disease that spread around the World.

    Put the blame on the guilty, the Ashkenazi jews.


    1. Not Catholics, per se. The problem is America let in a horde of immigrants in the early 20th century, Irish and Italians and the like. It was easy to integrate those groups. There are few, if any, Irish or Italians causing problems. It’s just that within that horde came a bunch of Communist Jews.

      I’m really not trying to start a religious fight. I’ve just been reading these Dark Enlightenment types.


  2. In my experience of living amongst all these groups, the Catholics do have greater culpability than the WASP’s – but only in terms of how the latter chose to deal with the Jews. Don’t shit where you eat was their policy, and a darned good one until it all got out of control. The Catholics are still making in-person deals with the Jews, even the white irish as opposed to mediterranean italians (who often can’t tell themselves apart from the semites).

    Hipster have you ever heard of the film A Gentleman’s Agreement?

    Since the deaths of Lennon Baldwin and Brendan Tevlin (one in a town ruled by an irish mayor who hired a jew prosecutor and the other in a county right next door ruled by jews and guineas) my mostly irish (and part german) catholic mother has taken to claiming she’s part english. We never really knew about those lace curtain County Cork relatives who some claim were from England.

    I would not underestimate the nefarious influence of the italians particularly on the scene. They’re not native european even, but at least half north african. And they hate the aryans for this, including and often especially the irish. Race and blood trumps religion, never forget that.


  3. It was some of the Catholics along with the Jews who supposedly stole Edison’s film patents from Essex County, NJ, now home of the ADL. I haven’t been able to figure out which exact ones yet.

    And Theodore Hesburgh died recently, ex-president of Notre Dame. He had lobbied to help get Larry Pollard freed.


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