Up the Rabbit Vortex: An Interview with B.W. Rabbit

A decent interview marred by the typical faux-skepticism of the intentionally ignorant.

Aryan Skynet


B.W. Rabbit, a writer for many years, currently blogs at the white nationalist site Xenophobe.net and can be found on Twitter @cisrabbit. In this candid interview, he speaks with Aryan Skynet about blacks, Jews, the cultural context of his developmental influences, 9/11, Glenn Close, and robots. His answers are always engaging and – this writer admonishes – sure to cause controversy among our readers. Enjoy!

RCvK: How did you come to call yourself “B.W. Rabbit”? Is this intended to convey common cause with Horus the Avenger?

Rabbit: “Rabbit” was an early moniker I used on the internet starting around 2001. It was named after the character’s from John Updike’s famous novel, Rabbit, Run. That has always been an important book for me, and I’ve read it several times (including once when I was recovering from scrotum surgery.) There is a little known 70’s film version of it featuring…

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