Good Morning, Baltimore City Paper!

The question MUST be asked:

In a city like Baltimore that is 61% Black, why does City Paper have such a WHITE staff?

From the pictures and names, it appears that the super-majority of staff at Baltimore City Paper, perhaps all but one, are White …

but how can that be?

The only explanation is INSTITUTIONAL RACISM on the part of Baltimore City Paper.

CUT TO SCENE: an all white group of Baltimore City Paper journalists are sitting around a table trying to explain the lack of diversity:

Hipster Racist:I just want to let you know I had nothing to do with hiring any of you. If it was up to me, we would have at least one Negro writer.

City Paper Editor: Maybe they couldn’t find any black people with experience, or they wouldn’t work for the pay, or they refused to work on the show?

Hipster Racist: Perhaps they couldn’t put their crack pipes down long enough to apply!

Aryan Skynet

To make a long story short:

Black man dies in Baltimore Police Department custody, Blacks hold peaceful protest that quickly turns not-so-peaceful, then niggas be all riotin’ an’ sheeeeeeeit.

Well, this picture goes viral online:


Now sure, to your eyes, Racist Whitey, this is a picture of a thug youth stealing a woman’s purse while two of her friends step in to help and prevent the theft. But you would be wrong.

Here, let a Jewish White reporter, Baltimore City Paper’s Caitlin Goldblatt explain:

I’m the girl in glasses. The drunk redhead was trying to grab that guy’s bag, we were pulling her back.


Now you see, folks? Do you see how your racist assumptions made you see something that wasn’t there? According to Baltimore City Paper editor Brandon Soderberg, what was actually happening in Baltimore was a bunch of 5’4″ 125 pound White women got really drunk while watching…

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